Enhanced diagnostic possibilities and causal therapy approaches on the way to psycho‐energetic balance

Silvie Kimmerle, Naturopath, Germany
Influences from many approaches to treatment were taken into account in the development of these two test sets, so that not only pure BICOM® therapeutics can be found here. This was particularly important to us during the development, especially in view of the new foundation of the AKI (Akademie für Komplementär‐ und Informationsmedizin – Academy for Complementary and Informational Medicine).
The following influences were integrated into the development of the test sets:

Chinese energetics
Psychological kinesiology
Systemic treatment approaches
Bach flower therapy
Gemstone therapy
Chakra therapy, amongst others

This was necessary in order to achieve the most holistic approach possible and to be able to really diagnose and treat the causes.
It is certainly undisputed that emotions have a strong influence on our organism.
We see patients who have fabulous lab results, no imaging abnormalities, and yet report feeling ill. They complai...

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