Electrosmog and 5G radiation: BICOM® Testing and treatment

What is electrosmog?

Electromagnetic fields are increasing more and more. The population is exposed to radiation or in other words electromagnetism in many places in everyday life. Wherever electrical energy is consumed, electrical and magnetic fields arise. At high frequencies, these electrical and magnetic components fuse together and electrical and magnetic become electromagnetic.

Natural fields have existed in the world for millions of years. Most of them cannot be felt, for example, the earth’s magnetic field, atmospheric electricity, the low radioactivity of the earth and cosmos or the UV rays of the sun. Also at home, there are electromagnetic fields from the basement to the attic.

Low frequency fields: (public power supply uses a frequency of 50 Hz)

  • High voltage lines
  • Electrical installations
  • Household appliances (e.g. hair dryer, screens)
  • Power cables
  • Trains

High frequency fields: (oscillations per second from 100 KHz to 300 GHz)

  • Radio and TV
  • Mobile phone communications
  • Cordless phones
  • WIFI / computer networks
  • Police/fire service radios
  • Radar

Potential health problems from electrosmog

Electromagnetism is ubiquitous and affects human health inconsistently. Individual tolerance is reached at different rates. Science speaks of a biological window, which can be as individual as a fingerprint. This is why people react to radiation in very different ways.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity can include head and body aches, weakness, dizziness, sleep disorders and tiredness, thyroid and metabolism problems, depression, tinnitus, back pain, herniated disc, joint pain, bladder weakness, difficulty concentrating, learning disabilities or hyperkinetic syndrome in children.

The German Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) writes: Various studies provide information on the biological effects of even low radiation levels, which are below the limit values. Weak, high-frequency radiation can change brain waves and affect blood flow and metabolism in the brain. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified low and high frequency radiation and the resulting electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic. (Source: IBES – Institute for Biological Electrical Engineering, founded in 1998)

Electrosmog exposure can also be a significant obstacle to therapy (therapy blockage)!

What does 5G mean?

5G is the abbreviation for the latest generation of mobile communications, which should bring faster data connections. It will be introduced in Europe and other countries from mid-2020 and is intended to replace 4G.

The 5G standard works with high-frequency microwaves in the range from 6 to 100 GHz with very short wavelengths. According to IBES Foundation Council President Josef Peter, human cell biology is impaired. (Source: IBES – Institute for Biological Electrical Engineering).

In Germany currently, more than 16 million people can use Telekom’s 5G network. By mid-July 2020, Telekom plans to expand availability to 40 million people, almost half of the population. By 2025, this should be expanded to 99% of the population and 90% of the 5G area.

Side effects of 5G

High frequency radiation causes, among other things, a change in the red blood cells (“Rouleaux formation”), which can be clearly demonstrated by dark field microscopy. The resulting smaller surface area of the blood cells results in the transportation of less oxygen. High frequency radiation can therefore lead to a reduced oxygen supply to the cells.

The capillaries also clog more easily due to the rouleaux formation, which then leads to a lack of oxygen in the tissue. Long term, larger blood vessels can become blocked and for example cause a heart attack or stroke to occur.

BICOM® bioresonance recommendations

Testing of electrosmog/radiation stress

a) via therapy program: 701.1 “Radiation and electrosmog exposure” or 702.0 “Radiation, exposure to, diffuse”

b) via substance complexes: in the category “Electromagnetic pollution” specific substance complexes are available

c) via CTT-ampules: Indication ampule from the “5 Elements Test Kit” (Test with 192.0) Stress ampules from the “Parasites, Environmental Loads Test Kit“ (Test with 192.0 or 191.0) Stress ampule from the “Dogs Special Test Kit” (Test with 191.0)

d) via the 5G ampule (new!): this contains stabilizing frequency patterns in the case of a negative influence by 5G and is tested with an A program

e) via Multisoft-Test there are available frequency patterns in the category “Electrosmog Ai” (e.g. DECT)

f) via Nosodes: Phosphorus D6 (Test program 171.0)

g) via Spleen Point 4a (kinesiology: touch point – muscle weak = stress) (Tensor: tensor connected to Goldfinger applicator via cable – touch point – tensor separating swing = stress)

Treating electrosmog/radiation stress (after successful basic therapy)

  • Program sequence 10160 “Exposure to radiation” or
  • Individual programs e.g. 701.1 “Radiation and electrosmog exposure” or 702.0 “Radiation, exposure to, diffuse”

Recommendations for Channel 2 cup: Ampule Phosphorus D6 and/or 5G-Ampule and/or Ampule “Radiation strain/geopathic stress”

Recommendations for Channel 2 substances: Substance complexes from the category “Electromagnetic pollution” or Rose quartz from the category “Gemstone therapy”

Treating symptoms as a consequence of electrosmog/radiation stress (examples)

  • Sleep disorder, supporting 665.2 (Optima new)
  • Vertigo: 10151, 3062.0
  • Tinnitus: 527.2
  • Exhaustion: 587.0


As already mentioned the “Parasites, Environmental Loads Test Kit” offers the possibility to test the patient ́s regulatory deficits and to stabilise them in a holistic way with program 198.0 or program sequence 10327, or to treat stresses with 197.0 or 10325 (Ai).

The application of CTT test kits is taught in specific CTT seminars.

REGUMED Protector 5G

This year REGUMED also launched the new REGUMED Protector 5G. This new model is stronger than the original Protector.

The REGUMED Protector 5G has a range of approx. 10m in all directions. The full effect of the “protection” is achieved in average within 3 to 6 weeks.

Gemstone vibrations and different colored LEDs are used in the REGUMED Protector 5G. The vibrations of the built in Gemstones are amplified by the light waves of the LEDs. In this way, the energetic fields of bio vital organisms are optimally protected from geopathic inference zones and the influence of electrosmog.