Efficient mycosis therapy using the Bicom Optima

Dr. rer. nat. Angelika Buff, Naturopath, Moers, Germany 

Candida mycoses play an important part in naturopathic practice1, whether as a therapy block or even as the cause of a whole series of symptoms. If the change in diet necessary for candida therapy takes too long however, patient compliance usually falls rapidly. For this reason I have developed a candida therapy, which reproducibly removes the candida mycosis within therapy sessions over three weeks. This therefore means for the patient a maximum of 17 days for the dietary change.
In the second part of the presentation I would like to introduce some case examples, which also show how the BICOM® Optima could be used in practice.

Candida therapy
Over the last 3 years, 439 patients have been treated in my practice using the candida therapy presented here.
In 31 patients a recurrence was detected whereby in most cases reasons for the recurrence could be found (see Figs. 1 and 2, detailing statistics correct at ...

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