Effectiveness of Bicom therapy proven with dark field photographs of three different cases

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, non-medical practitioner, Cologne

Dear colleagues At the last colloquium last year I reported my attempts to prove the effects of bioresonance therapy with dark field microscopy tests. I became a bioresonance therapist 18 years ago but I only started using the method of Prof. Enderlei and Dr von Brehmer in my own laboratory two years ago. I never questioned the effect of BICOMĀ® resonance therapy. After all, I was able to treat thousands of patients successfully in this time. It was therefore not a necessary proof, but rather an academic interest to produce complementary dark field photographs until the results were so astounding that I also showed the photographs to my patients. I often use them as a therapy control, especially in problematic cases. Slide 1
You see how we built up our equipment. The dark field microscope is connected to a camera which transfers the photograph to a screen. Here we can observe the processes in the blood for about...

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