Effective pain therapy instead of painkillers

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch, Naturopath, Sandstedt, Germany 
Hello, ladies and gentleman, colleagues,
Effective pain therapy instead of painkillers.
I am delighted to be able to speak to you here today in Fulda on the subject of pain.
When I started working with the bioresonance method 12 years ago my focus at that time was on allergy but after a while I realised that you could apply the therapy in other areas too. And so I tried this type of treatment on patients who were suffering from pain and was surprised how quickly I got results.

1. What is pain exactly?
Pain is a complex sensory feeling often involving strong emotional components. It requires the presence of pain receptors and for signals to be passed on uninterrupted to the central nervous system.
Normal pain is caused by stimulation of the pain receptors through tissuedamaging stimuli. Pathological pain, on the other hand, occurs when these pain receptors are stimulated by inflammation processes in the body or the pain is...

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