Early diagnosis, treatment and aftercare using Bicom bioresonance therapy

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer


Dear colleagues,
This year, as before, I am pleased to welcome a number of new colleagues who have attended my seminars.
The topic cerebral apoplexy or stroke is one which weighs on the minds of many of our patients.
Whether through fear of suffering a stroke themselves or the experience of a family member having suffered one.
I should like here to examine once again in more detail the causes, current state of knowledge and experiences of our centre for diagnosis and therapy.
Please forgive me if I first examine the causes. As our auditorium contains such a mixture, doctors, nonmedical practitioners, vets, dentists and naturopathic vets, I should like to bring everyone up to date.


A stroke is the result of a sudden circulatory disturbance in the brain. As a result, the nerve cells in the brain receive insufficient oxygen and nutrients and they die.
Apoplexy, brain hemorrhage or cerebra infarction are oth...

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