Early childhood developmental disorders and delayed speech development

Dr. Rolf Oesterle, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Munich, Germany.

My experience with bioresonance therapy (BRT) I am particularly pleased that, on the occasion of the 60th BICOM Congress, I can and will once again talk to you about my experience with BICOM therapy. This is especially as I have been active with this extraordinary method of treatment since the very beginning.

I would like to relate my experience with the treatment of 12 children with “early childhood developmental disorders and delays in language development” in the last two years. These children all came to be treated by me after diagnosis by recognised specialists from Kiev/Ukraine.

The first case was in 2017 when I was presented with a 3-year-old boy with a pronounced speech development disorder. He had not spoken any words except for “mum” and “dad”, and only occasionally made other inarticulate sounds.

His medical history was unremarkable but using BRT I could determine a vaccination load with a6-...

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