Diagnosing and treating rheumatism and fibromyalgia

Gabriele Matthey, Naturopath, Hamburg

I should like to say right at the outset that my Hamburg practice is not a conventional rheumatism practice nor do I specialise exclusively in the treatment of painful joints.
We are a "special" practice in the sense that we carry out detective work and sort out cases. Those who know me, know that my hobby is fundamental "detective work" and that identifying connections gives me great pleasure and keeps me motivated.
I use various means to obtain the patient's case history and work with various test methods. A traditional blood count and metabolic profile is as much a part of our work as EAV and emotional testing with Bach flower remedies. Curiosity is always a necessary element, allowing oneself to be affected while concentrating on the essentials and what is feasible.
Serious illnesses such as the field of rheumatic diseases require one to think in terms of connections and a cross-linking of systems.
I could actually end my p...

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