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Dear BICOM therapists,

I have been working for many years with the Combined Test Technique (CTT) and would like to share with this BICOM CTT manual my own experiences and the experiences of my colleagues Dr. Wolfgang Rohrer and Jörg Fiedler with this system with you. It contains information on the use of CTT ampoules in testing and therapy and serves as an aid in your everyday practice. Under no circumstances should it replace a sound education and the attendance of seminars on this subject. Personally, together with my colleagues, who have been giving lectures for years, as well as the REGUMED company, it is very dear to us to have a high-quality education for all BICOM therapists worldwide.

The CTT (Combined Test Technique) was developed to quickly and in a systematic way detect strains. The individual ampoules of the various test sets contain the frequency information of pathogenic substances, pathogens and stresses or of stabilizing substances, whereby each individual ampoule contains not only one, but also numerous frequency information.

This is a significant difference to ampoules of other systems. CTT does not replace the therapy with the patient’s own frequencies, but complements them meaningfully, in order to be able to treat the patient in a more targeted and effective manner.

My particular concern is to explain to you the following facts in advance, since I always find that there are misunderstandings: Diagnostics with the CTT ampoules is an energetic diagnostic and is not comparable to a conventional diagnostic, as we know from  “conventional medicine” (for example laboratory diagnostics). It does not replace these, but complements them meaningfully within the framework of a holistic concept. Please read the explanations on pages 6 to 7.

I have used the BICOM therapy together with other complementary or integrative procedures and conventional diagnostics and therapy for many years. For me it is not a procedure of “alternative medicine”, but a perfect complement, which is an important component of a holistic approach together with “conventional medicine’s”, diagnostics and therapy. I would like to see a close collaboration between complementary medicine and conventional medicine for the benefit of all patients.

With this in mind, I wish you success and joy in the testing and treating with the CTT and you personally and your patient’s good health and all the best for the future!




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Important notes for the test kits of the BICOM Combined Test Technique (BICOM CTT)

Test Kit 5 Functional Circuits (5E) Human

Test kit: 5 Functional Circuits (5 Elements) for Horses

Test kit: 5 Functional Circuits (5 Elements) for Dogs

Test kit: 5 Functional Circuits (5 Elements) for Cats

Test kit: Dogs Special

Test kit: Horses Special

Test kit: Allergic Strains

Test Kit: Inhalation Allergenes

Test kit: Food Additives

Test kit Parasites Environmental Loads, and others

Test Kit: Vaccines, Metals and Miscellaneous

Test Kit: Bacteria

Test Kit Viruses/Fungi

Test Kit: Teeth

Test Kit: Orthopedics

Test Kit: Hormones, Organs, Neurotransmitters, Miasma

Test Kit: Orthomolecular Substances

Test Kit: Bach Flowers and Chakras

Test Kit: Psychosomatic / Neurology

Test Kit: Degenerated Cells I

Test Kit: Degenerated Cells II / Immune system