Courage in treating tinnitus

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer

Dear colleagues,
I am pleased to have the opportunity this year to report once again on our work at the Centre for Diagnosis and Therapy in Speyer.
It is hard, at a colloquium such as this, to present the theme in a way which will interest all therapists. The old hands amongst you will be hoping to find new starting points for your problem patients, yet newcomers should also be able to take away with them therapeutic techniques which ideally they can put into practice as soon as they get back to work. I'd be interested to know if I have managed to provide something for everyone.
But now to the theme of my paper: "Courage to treat tinnitus."

Some 150 different causes of tinnitus are known in science. Most occur in combination. Often consecutively too, which considerably aggravates the condition.
However, the most frequent causes are:

circulatory disturbances
dental foci
ototoxic processes

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