Chronic renal insufficiency in animals and humans

Alain Christen, Veterinarian, Brügg, Switzerland

In this presentation, I would like to highlight a very important aspect of veterinary medicine.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) currently affects a third of cats over 9 years old! Therefore, it is very common and considered the most common cause of cat mortality. In 2014, the number of cats affected in Germany was estimated at 11.5 million. So, you can see why this is such an important topic.

I graduated from veterinary school in 1985. The emergence of more and more chronic diseases, my own perfectionism and frustration at being unable to help these patients with conventional medicine lead me to search for alternative solutions.

For 13 years, I have been the lucky owner of a BICOM machine. Shortly after I finished my studies, when I was an assistant in the 90s in Geneva, I did come across some CKD cats, but they were rare and often older patients. Interestingly, they were treated with phytotherapy and immunotherapy at the time, ...

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