Chronic inflammation and the significance of milieu regulation

Iris Fischer-Rahrs, Veterinary Surgeon, Steyerberg, Germany
A small, but important point to make before we start: Because I am a veterinary surgeon, this presentation comes under the heading of veterinary medicine. However, it relates not only to animals but also to basic research and medicine in general, and applies to both animals and humans alike.
I would like to briefly explain a bit about myself: I established my own practice in 1990 in a small village in Lower Saxony, halfway between Hanover and Bremen.
I predominantly treat dogs, but also horses and cats. I have been working with the BICOMĀ® bioresonance method since 2007 and have acted as an overseas speaker for the company Regumed since 2009.
I now use the bioresonance method for more than 90% of cases in my practice.
I have been heavily involved in this particular field for some three years now as a result of a situation that affected me personally.
I quickly realised that chronic inflammations were not just of persona...

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