Chronic infectious diseases as both the cause and result of mitochondrial damage

Dipl.-Med. Birgit Fleischer, Specialist in General Medicine

Correct functioning of the mitochondria is an important criterion for health and for preventing and overcoming disease.

Conventional medicine focuses almost exclusively on the topic of "mitochondrial disease" in connection with the most severe congenital disorders.

In my paper I would like to draw attention to mitochondrial damage which is acquired or can be influenced with therapy.

An issue which is becoming more widespread but, in my belief, definitely can and must be treated successfully!

I should like to briefly examine the evolution of these small cell components as this helps us better understand and protect them.

Around one billion years ago our mitochondria were bacteria living aerobically.

They were engulfed by archaebacteria. These were thus able to produce energy more efficiently and could evolve better from an evolutionary viewpoint.

This relationship between mitochondria and bacteria or the...

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