The use of cell cultures in medical research

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch, Dipl. Biochemist

Introduction and background

Since its establishment in 2002 close to the university town of Tubingen in south west Germany, Dartsch Scientific GmbH has conducted research and development without animal testing solely using organ-specific cell cultures. Alongside standard procedures the company has also developed numerous test methods of its own which are deployed successfully in a wide range of different fields to investigate active substances or their mixtures. In doing so our aim is not just to examine the agent's beneficial action but also any possible toxic effects. The possibilities offered by organ-specific cell cultures in medical research will be examined more closely through selected examples. We will also direct our attention to examining products and methods which have so far tended to meet with scepticism from the conventional medical community yet are of considerable interest in certain disciplines such...

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Chronic infectious diseases as both the cause and result of mitochondrial damage

Dipl.-Med. Birgit Fleischer, Specialist in General Medicine

Correct functioning of the mitochondria is an important criterion for health and for preventing and overcoming disease.

Conventional medicine focuses almost exclusively on the topic of "mitochondrial disease" in connection with the most severe congenital disorders.

In my paper I would like to draw attention to mitochondrial damage which is acquired or can be influenced with therapy.

An issue which is becoming more widespread but, in my belief, definitely can and must be treated successfully!

I should like to briefly examine the evolution of these small cell components as this helps us better understand and protect them.

Around one billion years ago our mitochondria were bacteria living aerobically.

They were engulfed by archaebacteria. These were thus able to produce energy more efficiently and could evolve better from an evolutionary viewpoint.

This relationship between mitochondria and bacteria or the...

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BICOM optima® and BICOM® BodyCheck before and during pregnancy

Esther Roder, Naturopath


In today's presentation I would like to tell you about how over a period of about 4 years I have successfully treated patients using BICOM therapy - before, during and after their pregnancy.

In addition to this therapy I also started to test these patients, as of June 2018, using the BICOM BodyCheck, although for safety reasons and as recommended by REGUMED, BICOM therapy and BICOM BodyCheck have limited application for legal reasons.

Therapy preparation:

Before the start of pregnancy, all the patients were monitored for some time with BICOM therapy in order to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Organs were stabilised, blocks released (geopathy, radiation, scars ...), stresses (bacte­ria, viruses, parasites, metals and allergies) of every kind were eliminated as far as pos­sible. The hormonal status (pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, thyroid and ova­ries ...) were strengthened.

By improving the nervous system (vege...

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Less is often more: overtreatment, treatment rhythms and therapy breaks

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Specialist in General Medicine


Medical intervention is largely results-driven, often making us impatient for success. We want to help ("helper syndrome"), but we also want to prove to the patient and to ourselves ("ego") that we are good therapists.

The tendency is to continue treating the patient for as long as it takes to see an im­provement. And if the symptoms still do not improve, the patient is simply offered a different type of therapy, a further treatment session and another form of medication.

We are sometimes so caught up in our conventional approaches to medicine (cause —effect, treatment — quick results) that we forget that the bioresonance method is a regulation therapy. As is true of other regulative alternative healing processes, such as acupuncture and homeopathy, we are providing a therapeutic stimulus. If this (oscilla­tion) information resonates with the patient this triggers a whole cascade of physical and bioc...

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Hemopyrrollactamuria (HPU) a common metabolic disorder with far-reaching effects

Silke Nunner, Naturopath

Patients often come to our practices with so many health problems that we, as therapists, struggle to know where best to start treatment. They not only present with multiple allergies and food intolerances but also exhaustion, weakness, thyroid problems, infections and adverse effects from numerous chemicals and synthetic products. Women with menstrual problems or who are unable to conceive also often find their way to us.

Despite comprehensive therapy, treatment is unable to make definite progress and patients continue to feel their resilience is below par. And this despite the fact they have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When I looked into HPU more closely, I was able to establish this metabolic disorder as one of the underlying causes in this area.

The extensive range of symptoms displayed to widely varying degrees is probably attributable to the difference in individual people's metabolisms. As almost my entire family is affected by this metabol...

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Petra Heier, Naturopath

For 19 years I have been practising as a holistic naturopath with a focus on bowel conditions and as such all diseases relating to this organ but also spinal manipulative therapy. For 15 years I have worked as a BICOM therapist with the BICOM 2000 and BICOM BICOM optima® devices. Bioresonance therapy is integrated into every treatment in my practice.

The different treatment philosophies according to Hildegard von Bingen, Father Sebastian Kneipp and F. X. Mayr also allow me to gain a holistic view of different illnesses.

I try to give the patient a broader perspective on their illness, so they don't see it as an "operating breakdown", rather as part of a development process that might perhaps take place precisely because of the illness itself. It is often crucial that the therapist's mindset is such that they explain to the patient that their illness has a where from as well as a where to. In this way all layers — the physical, the spiritual and the inte...

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New options for the treatment of young children

Pavia Koieluhova, MD Fontana s.r.o. — Centre for Holistic Care, General practitioner for children and youth, Pilsen, Czech Republic

The essential principles of treating small children using the BICOM BICOM optima® bioreso­nance device are the same as with adults.

The therapy is faster as children are not so "blocked" as adults.

The therapy has to be faster because children would not sit e.g. 2 hours on the BICOM.

On the other hand, my experience is that if they receive a correct treatment, they sit very quietly — even those with ADHD — which is very surprising for the mothers.

The youngest child treated in my practice was a 5-days old newborn with neonatal jaundice where there was a risk of repeated stay and phototherapy at the hospital.

The oldest child was a 98-years-old man (he used to be a child once) and therefore he continues to visit his "paediatrician".

Most patients are tested by means of EAV — there is a great advantage of quantitative as well as qualitat...

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