Stem cell diagnostics using the BICOM® BodyCheck and possible applications in bioresonance therapy

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to talk to you today about a special topic, namely diagnostics using stem cells and its related application in bioresonance therapy.

Let's take a look first of all at the development of the stem cell and its significance in medicine today.

In human embryo development the morula is formed after the first cell division (cleavage) of the fertilised egg cell (the zygote). Initially the morula has a compact cell structure. After about four days, the morula consists of a spherical mass of 16 to 32 cells.

On about the 6th day, the blastocyst, in which the embryonic stem cells (ES cells) can be found, develops from the morula. Blastocysts are four times bigger than a human hair in diameter.

Our body is composed of around 30 trillion cells, i.e. a number with 13 zeros. It con­sists of blood cells, skin cells, fat cells and around 200 other cell types. All of these cells have their origin in just a single cell, the...

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Hormone replacement therapy during the menopause and with stress management

Dr. Michael Wagner, Specialist in General Medicine

Scientific knowledge gained from endocrinology and the rapid growth of knowledge in the field of neuroscience have opened up a range of treatment options that are very much aimed at positively influencing and/or healing diseases or symptoms that impact on quality of life.

The following comments can only give a glimpse of the complexity of this subject.

Symptoms of the menopause such as disturbed sleep, blood pressure variations, mood swings, nervousness, hot flushes and sweats, bring one in three women in this age group in Germany to a therapist. An immense number of people with a considerable level of suffering.

What does conventional medicine have to offer?

Not very much. It has been observed that gynaecologists, and in particular male collea­gues in this professional group, do not really take women's symptoms seriously. How could they either? Because of the low oestrogen production in men, they cannot know how women w...

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Effective use of endocannabinoids in bioresonance therapy

Sven Peters, Naturopath

This is not a presentation about the medical efficacy of cannabinoid substances.

I do not feel I would be the right person to speak about this in any case. What I would like to talk to you about instead is their practical use in bioresonance therapy.

It is a known fact that this well-known intoxicating agent is also used effectively in medicine to treat a variety of disorders.

The CTT test set provides us with a diverse range of cannabis types and is regularly used in our practice.

However, I must point out once again that my practice tips are by no means compre­hensive, nor are they intended to be seen as the ultima ratio in this area. If we are committed to working with bioresonance therapy we need to move away from our conventional way of thinking about medicine.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each patient requires our full attention and focus and we must be fully committed in everything that we do. By using different test sets we h...

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A new concept: prevention using BICOM-Therapy® and lifestyle changes

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in General Medicine, 011e Svensson, Therapist, Simlangsdalen, Sweden

Nowadays the focus in both mainstream medicine and naturopathy is very much on treating disease. Health education and preventive healthcare tend to play a secondary role. People who come to our practices are usually ill and need help in finding a way of overcoming their illnesses. This means that both we and our patients tend to con­centrate on the illness and how together we can help the patient regain health.

Last year we gave a paper on just how important the direction of our focus is. To help with this we used explanations taken from quantum physics and presented to you a concept that we adopt when working with our "ill" patients.

Last year we took the decision that the two of us would like to invest our experience, energy and time in preventing illness and helping people stay healthy. Of course we want to carry on restoring our "ill" patients back to health, but it is pr...

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Skin and mucosa disorders. A search for clues …

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath



Dear colleagues, dear Mr Sinn and all the staff at REGUMED. Paradigm shift

When I was asked to present at this Congress I knew immediately which topic I would like to discuss with you today. Over recent years we have all witnessed a change in the way we view diseases and how they develop. We have seen a particularly dramatic shift in the way causes are investigated from the point of view of intestinal microecol­ogy and, linked to this, how we view these causes. Although microecology and specific additional parameters have been looked at previously, microbiome research has signif­icantly expanded our horizons.

With this in mind, I would like to present to you three cases from my practice. These all involve skin and mucosa disorders and include the respective intestinal examinations, as well as the various bioresonance programs used to complement the medical treat­ments.

Medical history data, problems encountered, establ...

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The use of cell cultures in medical research

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch, Dipl. Biochemist

Introduction and background

Since its establishment in 2002 close to the university town of Tubingen in south west Germany, Dartsch Scientific GmbH has conducted research and development without animal testing solely using organ-specific cell cultures. Alongside standard procedures the company has also developed numerous test methods of its own which are deployed successfully in a wide range of different fields to investigate active substances or their mixtures. In doing so our aim is not just to examine the agent's beneficial action but also any possible toxic effects. The possibilities offered by organ-specific cell cultures in medical research will be examined more closely through selected examples. We will also direct our attention to examining products and methods which have so far tended to meet with scepticism from the conventional medical community yet are of considerable interest in certain disciplines such...

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Chronic infectious diseases as both the cause and result of mitochondrial damage

Dipl.-Med. Birgit Fleischer, Specialist in General Medicine

Correct functioning of the mitochondria is an important criterion for health and for preventing and overcoming disease.

Conventional medicine focuses almost exclusively on the topic of "mitochondrial disease" in connection with the most severe congenital disorders.

In my paper I would like to draw attention to mitochondrial damage which is acquired or can be influenced with therapy.

An issue which is becoming more widespread but, in my belief, definitely can and must be treated successfully!

I should like to briefly examine the evolution of these small cell components as this helps us better understand and protect them.

Around one billion years ago our mitochondria were bacteria living aerobically.

They were engulfed by archaebacteria. These were thus able to produce energy more efficiently and could evolve better from an evolutionary viewpoint.

This relationship between mitochondria and bacteria or the...

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Hidden bacteria diagnosis and treatment of mycoplasma


Dear Colleges,

my name is Ron Havenaar, living in the south of Holland near Eindhoven, where I have my practice. I work with the BICOM since 2009 when my sister got breast cancer. At that time I got my degree in Natural Science at the Open University Netherlands, with a section of interest in Nutrition and Toxicology. Because I studied also acupuncture and electro-acupuncture since the 1980's I decided to buy an electro-acupuncture machine to help my sister. Not knowing what machine to buy I went to several intro­duction meetings and eventually got notice of the BICOM. One of the visitors said to me that he was an acupuncturist and was there to pick up his third BICOM® machine, because of the immense effectiveness of the treatments with that device. Every few years he had to organize an extra treatment room. So I did not hesitate any longer and immediately ordered a secondhand BICOM 2000 inclusive BICOMBICOMmultisoft® Pilot. A few years later I ordered my new BICOM ...

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Case studies for use in practice

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch, Naturopath

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,

My topic for today is new insights and success stories using the BBC (BICOM Body Check).

I am delighted to talk to you here in Fulda again today.

I would like to relate to you how I have been able to achieve even greater success by deploying the BBC device in my practice.

Thanks to my bioresonance devices, which I secretly refer to as my babies, I have been able to successfully treat a large number of patients. Every day presents a new chal­lenge because every patient and every disorder is different.

The best reward is seeing the smile on a patient's face when they leave the practice healthy.

I always thought that I could achieve a great deal through my treatments, but when I first learned how to use the BBC device back in the summer of 2016 it truly inspired and intrigued me, because here we had a device that could provide us with diagnostics that were even more targeted. After all, makin...

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In-vitro study of house dust mite allergy

Dra. Med. Linda Rahadian


House dust mite is a source of allergens that can cause allergies'. From the biophysical aspect, the occurrence of allergies in the human body is the result of the development of allergy imprinting which comes from human body contact with a substance; printing in the form of information of the substance. Repeated printing will make biophysical pulses that produce symptoms. Each allergen has traces of bioresonance patterns only from the appropriate allergens.2

The study is conducted with an experimental design to assess the impact of bioreso­nance of the electromagnetic waves on the changes in pro-inflammatory mediator pro­files (Interleukin 4 and 13) and anti-inflammatory mediator (Interleukin 10) which are produced by complete blood cell cultures drawn from subjects of Rhinitis Allergy caused by house dust mite (Type-1 Hypersensitivity).

Several clinical studies, such as Song Ki Min and Du Xia et al had shown improvement in clinical symp...

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