Autism Spectrum Disorder

He Lin, naturopathy and TCM therapist

Autism spectrum disorder (ASO) is a complex, pervasive development disorder that af­fects several neurological functions. It is characterised by a lack of spoken communica­tion and a reduced interest in social contact and hobbies, as well as by repetitive ac­tions, amongst other things. In the USA, the disease incidence rate for autism spec­trum disorder is 68 : 1, and the rate of it developing in males is relatively high. It is highly hereditary - between approximately 70 % and 90 %. According to reliable data, siblings also have a high probability of developing autism; approx. 10 %-20 %. How­ever, research to identify the physiological and aetiological mechanisms and causes of autism is not moving forward at a very fast pace. Autism involves atypical cognitive characteristics such as impaired social awareness and perception, disrupted move­ments and atypical information processing. Heredity and environmental influences play an important role i...

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Information — the universal building block of the Universe?

Hans Brugemann, founder REGUMED

Dear congress participants,

For the participants who have just started using the bioresonance method, here are a few words about me. At the start of the bioresonance method there were three peo­ple involved.

First, it was Dr. Morell, who had the ingenious idea to use the body's own vibrations for diagnosis and therapy; then the technician Erich Rasche, who developed the first device (the MORA device) for bioresonance therapy; and, finally, I was the one who took up the method, let it evolve, and made its known worldwide. I led the bioreso­nance methodology movement for almost 40 years.

In 2015, at the age of 90, I switched from management to retirement. Last year my topic was:

A Bridge Between Quantum Physics and Bioresonance Therapy

The quintessence of my presentation two years ago was the recommendation to add the term information to the name of our method. Making the new name

Bioresonance Information Method (BIM)

The addition o...

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Awareness and bioresonance

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, specialist in general medicine; Olle Svensson, BICOM therapist

Nowadays, our world view is largely materialistic. Although quantum physics has ex­isted for almost 100 years, it is still difficult for today's scientific community to accept a world view shaped by quantum physics. Attempts are still being made to push ener­getic therapy methods such as acupuncture, homoeopathy and even bioresonance into a "materialistic framework", into which these individual therapy methods do not fit at all. Instead of being open to new methods and, if necessary, new scientific ap­proaches, everything has to be tested, double-blind and evidence-based, even if it is already clear that you cannot measure these complementary methods with the same scale. Another scientific perspective, namely that of quantum physics, offers signifi­cantly better possible explanations here. In doing so, some quantum physicists have especially highlighted the influence of consciousness. The following...

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Tumours and growths: ways of combining individual therapy modules

Erika Kalbfleisch, Veterinary Naturopath

The use of various BICOM hardware and software components enables me to do a test in a relatively short amount of time and allows me to draw on positively tested compo­nents and link these with one another during therapy.

The saved tests act as the basis for therapy plans and, in addition, are a big help when it comes to monitoring the therapy and its success.

Using examples, I will show you which of the possible combinations of modules I use, and how I successfully link them in order to treat tumour and neoplastic diseases.

The following devices and software modules are employed:

BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima
BICOM Multisoft Pilot
BICOM Multisoft Test
BICOM SD1 Digitiser
BICOM Body Check
and different test kits by other manufactur­ers

Description of the application possibilities of the individual modules:
BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima

I generally link the devices to my and control them with t...

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Strengthen the center — the stomach and its key position for health

Cassandra Mougiakou, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine

Dear colleagues,

Today, I face the challenge to address the quite common subject of stomach problems and I will hopefully give you some new and useful information.

My goal is to relate to the stomach, not only as a very important organ, but also to the metaphorical stomach, the solar plexus area.

We say that one needs to "have a strong stomach" in order to undertake a difficult task or cope with a difficult situation, meaning that the stomach needs to be able to cope with stress situations quite well. Also, on the psychological level, one needs to have a fair amount of self-esteem and self-confidence to be able to cope with the chal­lenges brought upon them by the outer world.

On the other hand when something "sits on the stomach" that means that it cannot be accepted well and this can lead to real indigestion symptoms.

The Stomach is the fuel factory for the body. Any disturbance or malfunctioning may severely ...

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What effects do organs and the psyche have on the malposition of the spinal column?

Claudia Lepper, MD, Specialist in general medicine

From 1998, I ran a "normal doctor's surgery as a family doctor and general practi­tioner" for approximately 8 years. As I had been taught throughout my studies and ed­ucation, I supplied my patients with pain medication, blood pressure medication, anti­biotics, etc. At least once a week, I welcomed a pharmaceutical representative who provided me with information about the latest products from the respective compa­nies. For my chronically-ill patients, I would often use longer than the 7 minutes desig­nated by the social insurance companies in order to be able to achieve a change in be­haviour during the patient discussion. However, I did often have to fall back on medi­cation if this was not successful.

I indulged in my hobby, acupuncture, by taking part in the "best-practice model for ac­upuncture" which had been newly-introduced by the health insurance companies.

I thought I was a good doctor who took good care of her pa...

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The many faces of intolerance: Histamine, lactose, fructose

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath
1. Introduction  Dear colleagues, dear management, dear Mr Sinn and all of the REGUMED employees,
When I got the request to do another speech this year, I was keen to introduce to you a small sensation from the latest findings on the topic of vasculitis, that originated in a very different area of medicine and brought attention to the work of complementary medicine in January 2017.
2. Prof. Haverich's research work
"A new theory on arteriosclerosis challenges the current doctrine." So began a head­line of a daily newspaper published in Hanover and of the BDH newsletter.

The article was based on a study conducted by Prof. Dr. Axe Haverich from the Medical University of Hanover (MUH department: HTTG surgery). Here is an excerpt from the study, Prof. Haverich:

"It is not fats from the blood, but disruptions in the supply to the arterial wall, that lead to deposits in the inner vascular wall and trigger arterial calcification."

The doctrine, believed fo...

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