A bridge between quantum physics and bioresonance

Hans Brogemann
Dear Congress participants,
Most of you will know me. For those of you new to bioresonance, I should like briefly to introduce myself. About 40 years ago I undertook, through my firm, to make people aware of how the body's natural oscillations can be used for therapeutic purposes. I ran introductory seminars for many years which brought bioresonance to the attention of thousands of therapists. In 2015, at the age of 90, I stepped back from senior management and took retirement.
Back in the early days I naturally encountered a lot of scepticism. Who had heard of the body's natural oscillations then?
There are three types of sceptic. The first kind are therapists with sound judgement who wish to know the full details and may be won over by plausible arguments or demonstrations. The second group demands current randomised double-blind trials and the third group is characterised by arrogance and ignorance. The last straw is the written claim made in a court case that natural...

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Treatment of endocrine disorders in dogs and horses using the Regumed Bicom optima device

Dr. Christina Eul-Matern
My name is Christina Eul-Matern. I am a veterinary surgeon and run a naturopathy practice with three key areas of treatment - acupuncture, osteopathy and bioresonance therapy. Since these areas work well together and complement each other, we tend to use conventional medical procedures infrequently.
Today, I would like to present details of the approach we took to integrating bioresonance successfully in an existing practice and show you how we use this approach to manage particularly complex cases.

When patients attend our practice for the first time, their initial point of contact is a veterinary surgeon trained in Chinese medicine, osteopathy and bioresonance.
Through conversation with owners and case observations, we get an accurate history of the origin, socialisation, lifestyle, diet, work, interests, activity and resting habits of our patients as well as their vaccination and worming records. We then enquire about previous diseases, sensitivitie...

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An important aspect of treatment: the influence of the mind on the body!

Esther Roder
Realising the influence that the mind and soul can have on the human body is no easy matter!

That's why it may appear that, as a result of challenges they are faced with in their personal/professional lives, more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches and joint pain, as well as conditions such as cancer, ADHD, MS, depression, excess weight and general immune deficiencies. These disorders are often at the forefront of the sufferer's thinking and in most cases are seen as a purely physical problem.

When people suffering from these symptoms come into my practice I try to show them that any disorder can also be brought on by emotional and psychological factors, and that this is something they need to appreciate more fully.
I have found an energetic activity such as Reiki (universal life force) and energetic testing with the tensor (bio-tensor) to be helpful in this regard.
When making an initial physical/energetic assessment of the patie...

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Banishing migraine for good

Dr. Hans Schwarz
Migraine is a chronic condition with constantly recurring stresses such as gastro­intestinal dysbiosis, problematic energy flows, stresses in the sleeping area and the need for orthomolecular substances. These are often accompanied by emotional and chemical problems as well as central allergies. The range of the headache can usually be attributed to one meridian.
The treatment concept is based on the content of the "toxin barrel", which is tested out for each individual patient and prioritised in the treatment plan. The 5 elements are stabilised during the initial sessions. I explained how I detect these stresses in a semi-nar entitled "An effective route to a holistic treatment concept", held prior to the 2015 Congress.

A brief, conventional medicine overview of migraine

The term comes from the Ancient Greek word ἡμικρανία hemikrania meaning "pain in one half of the skull".
Approximately 10 % of the population suffer from migraine.
It is three times...

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Cancer — a successful alternative therapy approach

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner
I have been working with my practice team for 16 years offering a combination of mainstream medicine and naturopathic treatments, including for the last 15 years bioresonance therapy. When carrying out diagnosis and particularly when evaluating the success of treatment, I draw on the full range of classical medicine tools including laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT or MRT, endoscopy plus other procedures as required. In addition, I test using the tensor. In my practice therapy is primarily administered using naturopathic methods based on the following maxim: "As much classical medicine as necessary, as much naturopathy as possible."
Cancer therapy in particular offers opportunities in naturopathy for a truly holistic approach to treatment, and the bioresonance method, with its very specific therapy options, can play a very valuable role in this area.

The causes of cancer

1.1 Conventional medicine

Environmental toxins: incl. asbestos: Lung cancer

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Bioresonance and miasmatic stresses: New opportunities for diagnosis and therapy

Gisela Wendler
My name is Gisela Wendler. I have been working in my own practice in Berlin for 21 years.
From the outset I have used bioresonance therapy in my practice, at first I started with Mora bioresonance, then used the Paul Schmidt method, and then soon switched to BICOM bioresonance, because I found the training for bioresonance here at BICOM the most extensive. I have remained with BICOM, at first the 4.4 model and now for about 7 years the BICOM 2000 device.
Certainly, as is the case with other colleagues, you attend many seminars, discover other therapy directions, and let one or the other influence your own work thus making the work in your own practice more and more individualised. One bioresonance therapist will then work "really differently" from another. (Many of you will know this from what patients tell you).

The work therefore becomes the expression of myself, my understanding of disease and my perception of a therapeutic approach with the patient with whom I am wo...

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Case history and diagnosis: important in ensuring success and a promising therapy plan

Marcel Riffel

Bioenergetic findings

Ideally a patient sends us a medical history in advance and where possible a medical and examination report/laboratory results by email. Then we are informed in advance about the reason for the consultation. Our receptionist explains to the patient that any medication he/she is taking should also be brought along to the examination appointment.
When the patient comes to our clinic, he/she is given a medical history form, shown in the Annex, and asked to fill it in.
At the beginning of every bioenergetic therapy we obtain a bioenergetic diagnosis. To do this, it is necessary for you to know how to carry out bioenergetic testing. Here in the practice we work mainly with the Biotensor but also with kinesiology.
Over the years I have developed an examination procedure which can be carried out easily in 60 minutes. During the hour the patient is informed about what the treatment involves, which foodstuffs if any, must be avoided, how long abstention...

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Chronic borreliosis — a multisystem condition

Eva Pauly
Quote from one of my patients: "Ms Pauly, it has not been easy to find you ..."
You will all know patients with a long history of suffering, a bulging patient record file, many consultations with specialists, general exhaustion with symptoms of unclear aetiology.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Firstly I would like to thank my teachers, pioneers and colleagues as well as all the seminar leaders and speakers from previous years and also the staff at Regumed. Because of the sound training they have given, it is possible to diagnose and successfully treat complex diseases. Once again many thanks for this.
My training as a naturopath started more than 10 years ago and is by no means completed. Through adult education in community colleges, I have been working as a lecturer in the field of Personal Development, with the focus on forgiveness and self-forgiveness and also in the health care sector too with a focus on preventative care. I have been working with the BICOM® BICOM optima® in my o...

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Chronic illness caused by the Varicella zoster virus

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch
The Varicella zoster virus (VZV) belongs to a group of eight Herpes viruses known to infect humans and is also known as Human herpes virus 3 (HHV-3). Besides the Herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2, VZV also belongs to the alphaherpesviruses, and is the smallest Herpes virus having a close structural and functional similarity to the Herpes simplex virus 1. These are DNA viruses, encased in a membrane, which contain double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and and are very easily transmitted in humans as they are highly contagious. (1) According to the Robert Koch Institute, there is evidence that 95 % of the German population have antibodies against VZV.
Primary infection: The VZV penetrates the cell nucleus of the host cells and releases its viral DNA genome there. Subsequent replication of the virus occurs in several stages. Once the vesicle membrane has fused with the cell membrane, the mature virions then leave the host cell and disperse in their environment. The viruses spread...

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Difficult case studies: Allergological and toxicological detective work

Dr. Jurgen Hennecke, Simone Maquinay
Experience gained from working with bioresonance for over twenty years has shown that most cases of chronic disease are attributable to a combination of basic food allergies, intestinal flora imbalance and chronic stress from germs or toxins.
Treating these with energetic therapy using appropriate oscillation patterns generally brings about a marked improvement in the patient's medical condition.
And then suddenly they encounter a difficult case! Why, when proven tests and therapies are used,Over the course of time all experienced therapists develop their own strategy and system which they follow and which generally brings them success. doesn't the patient's condition improve over the long term? Have I overlooked something? Is something else causing the problem? Where else should I look?
And suddenly the BICOM therapist becomes a detective searching for energetic clues. Another detailed patient history, a meticulous diagnostic reassess...

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