Chronic illness caused by the Varicella zoster virus

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch
The Varicella zoster virus (VZV) belongs to a group of eight Herpes viruses known to infect humans and is also known as Human herpes virus 3 (HHV-3). Besides the Herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2, VZV also belongs to the alphaherpesviruses, and is the smallest Herpes virus having a close structural and functional similarity to the Herpes simplex virus 1. These are DNA viruses, encased in a membrane, which contain double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and and are very easily transmitted in humans as they are highly contagious. (1) According to the Robert Koch Institute, there is evidence that 95 % of the German population have antibodies against VZV.
Primary infection: The VZV penetrates the cell nucleus of the host cells and releases its viral DNA genome there. Subsequent replication of the virus occurs in several stages. Once the vesicle membrane has fused with the cell membrane, the mature virions then leave the host cell and disperse in their environment. The viruses spread...

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Difficult case studies: Allergological and toxicological detective work

Dr. Jurgen Hennecke, Simone Maquinay
Experience gained from working with bioresonance for over twenty years has shown that most cases of chronic disease are attributable to a combination of basic food allergies, intestinal flora imbalance and chronic stress from germs or toxins.
Treating these with energetic therapy using appropriate oscillation patterns generally brings about a marked improvement in the patient's medical condition.
And then suddenly they encounter a difficult case! Why, when proven tests and therapies are used,Over the course of time all experienced therapists develop their own strategy and system which they follow and which generally brings them success. doesn't the patient's condition improve over the long term? Have I overlooked something? Is something else causing the problem? Where else should I look?
And suddenly the BICOM therapist becomes a detective searching for energetic clues. Another detailed patient history, a meticulous diagnostic rea...

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Epidemiological and Cytogenetic Study of the Bioresonance Effect on Human System

Periklis Karakos
Bioresonance is a new holistic approach on the human system. The following study will make an attempt to thoroughly exam the overall bioresonance methodology as far as its contribution to dealing with specific diseases, taking into account epidemiological data from various laboratories and medical centers in Greece that apply this technique, while at the same time will study the possibilities of the bioresonance implementation in Laboratory using the sister chromatid exchange methodology (SCEs). It is a specialized technique of controlling mutagenic substances in cellular level by examining distal blood lymphocytes in vitro present or some non mutagens (such as melphalan and irinotecan) and with the simultaneous action of antioxidants (such as vitamins or amifostine), cross checking the possibilities of applying bioresonance in these very studies.
The statistical data process includes the study of several parameters such as age, gender, family status, schoo...

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Eye-related conditions: Macular degeneration, impaired vision & herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Irene Kolbe

Dear Colleagues, Management, Mr Sinn and all employees in the company REGUMED. Upon the request for a presentation this year I quickly realised that I would very much like to introduce the subject of the EYE. I have had what have been for me two very impressive experiences here over a long period of time, which I would like to present to you with reference to two case studies.

Case presentation
Macular degeneration with impaired vision Discourse

Forms of degeneration:

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Deposits (drusen) under the macula are an early sign of dry-form macular degeneration.

With the wet form, weak blood vessels develop under the macula distorting vision and causing the retina to swell.

Diagnosis is made using, among other things, the Amsler grid test, which should be carried out with the patient wearing their usual visual aid (glasses or contact lenses).

The grid lines should be clearly recognisable.

Case history

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Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases

Dr. med. Annette Johnson
General Practitioner for Naturopathy and Rescue Procedures, additional designation for Acupuncture; Focus on fibromyalgia, borrelia infection and food intolerances.
FIBROMYALGIA "Imagined and incurable" or a palpable fascia disorder of unknown aetiology?
Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases
This disorder hides behind a whole range of symptoms:
Is it simply an "imagined and incurable disease" or a palpable fascia disorder that can be tackled successfully depending on the aetiology?
Fibromyalgia has been recognised as a disease by the WHO since 1992 but its existence is often denied by conventional medical practitioners and those affected are often unjustifiably pushed into the psychosomatic corner instead of receiving the support they deserve from those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath.
Our patients with fibromyalgia syndrome suffer from symptoms that cannot be adequately explained in today's conventional medical understanding while we continue to ...

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Gained in practice, for use in practice: Tips and tricks for practitioners

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer
1 Introduction
This presentation draws on my twenty years and more of experience using the BICOM and is designed to provide both general and specialist tips to beginners and more advanced therapists alike.
I shall attempt to present the following tips in a logical order.

2 General tips, context
2.1 Write for your local newspaper

If you are a BICOM therapist just starting out in your professional career, you will be looking to get yourself more widely known. Make use of the public's thirst for information by offering to provide your expert opinion on medical issues to the editorial team of your local newspaper. Why not also submit an article to the editor on a topical health issue at the same time?
Compose the article using simple language where possible and avoid medical Where use of medical terms cannot be avoided, explain these in layman's terms in brackets.
Position yourself as a regular contributor of medical information, but avoid taking ...

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Low-deep frequencies for shock and trauma cases – treating post-traumatic stress syndrome

Sibylle Arnold-Wissert
My path to discovering the low deep frequencies
More than 20 years ago I was suffering from multiple allergies-neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma and food allergies and was successfully treated with bioresonance by Dr. Thomas Allgeier. From that point on I was captivated by naturopathy and so in 2004 I took my examination to qualify as a naturopath. I then trained in traditional homoeopathy, TCM and craniosacral osteopathy. Unfortunately at the time bioresonance was not an option for me for financial reasons.
3 years ago, Dr. Allgeier died much too soon and so for me and my family a great deal of security was taken out of my life.
This only became clear to me after a few weeks, when in a quiet moment I asked the question why I had been so unsettled since his death.
Mr Allgeier was a very exacting and capable therapist and over many years I learnt how important it is not to simply carry out therapy but to live and continually grow with it.
My gut feeling answer t...

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Pre- and post-operative treatment

Dr. med. dent. Rudolf Bracher
Dear Congress delegates,
I am very pleased to be able to address you today.
My name is Dr. Rudolf Bracher, I am 66 years old and I live in Meschede, where I have run my own dental practice since 1980. I have been working as a BICOM therapist for 15 years now.
One of the aims of our practice is to offer a holistic approach to our patients, for we take the view that alternative therapies like bioresonance therapy and homeopathy can often play a very valuable role in complementing mainstream medicine.
My paper today looks at pre- and postoperative care of patients in my dental practice, using the BICOM Optima device 4 Channel 2.
I have used bioresonance therapy to provide therapeutic care for a great many patients who have undergone surgery or who have been awaiting surgery for, for example, complicated tooth extractions, implants etc., and I have been able to help them by supporting and promoting the wound-healing process.
I would now like to list ste...

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The “Life” missing since Descartes

Prof. Dr. Herbert Pietschmann
A framework of thinking based on Aristotelian either/or logic emerged in the West in the 17th century and it still shapes our society today. With Galileo we require everything to be measured, with Descartes everything has to be broken down into its smallest elements and, with Newton, a cause has to be found for everything.
This leads to a way of thinking which attempts to understand everything through mechanisms. Descartes divided the world into matter (res extensa) and mind (res cogitans); Descartes' implication that animals are essentially no different from mechanical models and therefore are unable to feel pain, for example, shows that this division is too simplistic. "Life" (res vivens) has been missing from between mind and matter since Descartes first propounded his theories. Consequently, in our world, we do not make a distinction between interaction (physics) and communication (biology). "Biology, the science of life, is defined by the effort of ...

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The Temporomandibular Joint – New Treatment Options

Sven Peters
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) merits special consideration in pain therapy. Jaw malposition and dysfunction are often attributed to one or more causes. In addition to psychological stress, malposition in the pelvis, joints and cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines coupled with hardening of the muscles can trigger craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). Therefore, it is very important from a therapeutic perspective to treat patients quickly and successfully. A holistic examination is crucial. Please forgive me for not discussing other trigger factors in greater detail, but this would go beyond the scope of this presentation. I would like to present an extended treatment option with BICOMĀ® to you so that you can nevertheless treat patients effectively and successfully. This option is quick and easy to implement. Before I refer to the additional five steps, let's look at familiar steps in temporomandibular joint treatment. You will certainly have learned about practical implem...

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