Male menopause: fate or opportunity?

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am especially pleased to be able to talk to you today about a subject that has interested me personally for some time. We should perhaps think about whether only the men should be allowed to listen from this point, for the male menopause has been something of a closely guarded secret in the past.
But be prepared for your wife giving you a gentle nudge and saying she’s known about this all along!
The male menopause presents us with some difficulties, which we will examine in more detail over the next 30 minutes.
The male menopause (andropause) is the term used to describe a progressive, relatively slow and only partial decline in androgen secretion and concentration levels in men. This involves the sex hormones pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), androstenedione and, in particular, testosterone, 95 % of which is formed in the testicles and 5 % in the adrenal glands.
The andropause is also referred to as...

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Therapy of environmental stresses with an individual frequency

Matthias Jacob, Naturopath, Essen, Germany
Despite global efforts to reduce environmental stresses, many therapists still find when treating patients and their symptoms that emissions released into the air are a major cause for concern and can slow down the healing process.
In my work as a naturopath I find time and again that this form of background stress affects all of my patients without exception. Patients thus often present in the practice with respiratory problems, fatigue and flulike symptoms. Contributory factors mooted include a global chemtrail project where aircraft are used to spray chemical agents into the upper atmosphere in order to shield the Earth from harmful solar radiation. There is a wealth of information on this subject online. Whatever we may think about the truth behind such claims, there are undoubtedly other factors that do cause stresses, for example the use of chemicals in agriculture and industrial emissions.
Nor should we overlook the most obvious caus...

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The endocrine glands – energy inter-relationships and therapy options

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in General Medicine, Simlangsdalen, Sweden
The endocrine glands are increasingly coming to the attention of modern medicine. For many years, however, their significance tended to be overlooked. The pineal gland, for example, is only now being studied more closely after several decades and its function is still to a certain extent unknown. In ancient Greece, in Rome and in the ancient Indian cultures, however, the endocrine glands played a far greater role.
In ancient Indian medicine, in particular, the endocrine glands are associated with chakras and are extremely important as energy centres and regulating organs.
Therefore my lecture this time relates predominantly to the energetic connections between the individual glands and the chakras, their effect on the whole body from a physical and also emotional and mental perspective and the possible options for therapy with BICOM® bioresonance therapy.
Each of the seven chakras is linked with an endocrine g...

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Psoas muscle as a key to physical and emotional wellbeing

Wilma Meuwissen, BICOM® Therapist, EchtPey, Netherlands
Thank you!
I am very grateful to have the opportunity of speaking here at this Congress.Bioresonance therapy has completely changed my life and that of my family.
Since I first came to the Congress in Fulda I have become even more interested in all the options bioresonance therapy offers.A big thank you to all our colleagues from all over the world for their amazing know how.
Since 2000 I have been working as a health practitioner using natural therapies:Dermasegmental reflexology and Podosegmental reflexology, applied kinesiology, Bach flowers according to Dietmar Krämer, Dr Schüssler salts and PHYLAK Spagyric essences and many more.
Time and again frequency therapies came into my life.
In 2004 I was having a discussion about spagyric medicine and the Egyptians with Aaltje Steunebrink from Assen in the Netherlands. And that was the first time I saw the BICOM 2000. An impressive machine, but I was absolutely certain that I d...

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When hormones get out of control: restoring hormonal balance

Brigitte Jocher, Naturopath, Osten, Germany
Aim of the presentation
Introducing a combination of bioresonance and hormone therapy which has proved highly effective in the management of socalled “bioresonance treatment failures”.
In cases where patients present with general symptoms such as exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, sleeping problems, depression and similar conditions, but no improvement is seen after several sessions of bioresonance therapy, we have found that hormone analysis and bioidentical hormone therapy based on these analytical findings will prove beneficial. Following successful hormone regulation, bioresonance can take full effect and trigger the improvements you would fully expect to see in “normal” patients.
This suggests the following hypothesis:
BICOM® therapy requires the presence of hormones in order to function effectively.
1st session

Complete the questionnaire / medical history (possibly submit before attending the appointment in the practice)
Bioenergetic t...

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Mobility problems: when the musculoskeletal system is blocked – in dogs, cats and humans

Erika Kalbfleisch, Veterinary Naturopath, Darmstadt, Germany
Good morning
Dear BICOM® Therapy Colleagues,
Many thanks for inviting me to this year’s BICOM® Congress, the first I have attended as both speaker and delegate. Today,I would like to share some of my experiences with you. This may prove useful to other BICOM® therapists in the future, or could provide you with some food for thought or simply confirm to “old hands” that the methods they have always implemented successfully are actually used in other practices too.
My presentation focuses on mobility problems in dogs, cats and humans when the musculoskeletal system is blocked. As you all know, whether we are referring to humans or animals, the problems and also the treatments are very similar. Therefore,I am especially pleased to see in the audience today not only therapists working in the veterinary sector but also colleagues treating human patients too.
The subject matter cannot be limited to“only” one disorder. In fact, in s...

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Integrating bioresonance therapy in an existing allopathic treatment

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany
Ladies and gentlemen,
dear bioresonance therapy colleagues,
Today I would like to tell you about an option for integrating BICOM® bioresonance therapy (BRT) in an existing allopathic treatment. For this I’ll use a case study of one of my female patients.

Case Study
The patient C.G., who is now 50 years old, first presented in my practice in May 2013. Ms G is approx. 165 cm tall and weighs 55 kg.
Medical history
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 17 (affecting the hand, hip, knee and ankle joints)
Has had MS since first being diagnosed in 2005; the first episode started with optic neuritis (neuritis of the optic nerve), the diagnosis was confirmed by a lumbar puncture, neuroborreliosis was ruled out, treatment took the form of Copaxone (immunomodulator). During this time there were recurring small relapses, causing her doctors to question the effectiveness of the medication. In 2010 a severe episode (spinal MS affecting t...

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Environmental toxins and nanoparticles: tiny cause but major effect

Dr. med. Michael Wagner, Specialist in General Medicine, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
In the current industrial era it is no longer acute intoxication, such as lead oxide poisoning suffered by workers in the early days of the industrial revolution, which is at the top of the agenda. It is insidious, chronic intoxication and its cumulative effects which characterise the current pattern. “Insidious, chronic” refers to the cumulative and summative effects of a wide range of substances and their, in some cases long, half-lives within the body. Individual substances may damage one or more organ systems, just as several substances may affect one or more organ systems. Long half-lives, as in the case of lead or cadmium, for example, intensify this effect!
As for threshold limits, that’s a topic which could arouse a great deal of discussion. I feel these limits should be treated with a healthy dose of scepticism: which committees or interest groups are responsible for these threshold limi...

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Raised blood sugar: Diabetes mellitus – autoimmune diabetes

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hanover, Germany
Dear Colleagues and Senior Management, Mr Sinn and all colleagues at Regumed

How a working hypothesis became a certainty
I began my lecture last year with these words and presented you with the changes in blood seen in dark field using bioresonance.
I also made further comparisons in order to show in images how different influences over months and years can produce new results.
You were shown images before and after therapy. Here is one of the images again as a , which I presented last time.

The above picture is now over three years old.
A proportion of the patients, whose images I looked at and in which a change became visible, are patients who also developed type 1 diabetes from viral stresses. It is often only at this stage, however, that they come to my practice.
Autoimmune diabetes – DISCOURSE
We now believe that type 1 diabetes is caused by both an interaction between genetic predisposition and external factor...

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Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) – the chameleon of dental medicine

Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Wolschner, Dentist, Berlin, Germany
Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), an umbrella term covering structural, functional, biochemical and psychological dysregulation of the muscle and joint function of the temporomandibular joints, has been “on everyone’s lips” for some time, to the extent that it could incorrectly be considered a new fashionable complaint. Yet, even in Stone Age teeth, excessive wear meant that the joint was subject to structurally deforming, degenerative processes. However the number of triggering, and especially iatrogenic, factors has definitely increased in recent times and man’s ability to compensate has declined in the face of numerous other stresses.
Earlier studies give the incidence of CMD in Germany as 8 % and the number of cases requiring treatment as 3 %. In addition to an increase in the number of cases, however, the age of those affected appears to be dropping markedly. While in the past women between 45 and 60 years of age made u...

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