What role does the lymphatic system play in the treatment of chronically ill patients?

Bettina Decher, Naturopath, Frankfurt, Germany
Part I
Structure and function of the lymph system
The term 'lymphology' is understood as the study of the structure and function of the lymph system. We further differentiate between 'lymphangiology' and 'lymphadenology'.
1. Lymphangiology describes the anatomy, function and pathophysiology of the lymphatic vascular system.
Relationships between the lymph and blood vessel system:

lymph: a very special fluid (historical derivation, composition, quantity, transportation, speed of flow, drive)
the Lymph Obligatory Load (LOL) (water, cell load, fat load and protein load)
transmural fluid and substance exchange
filtration and reabsorption
tasks fulfilled by the lymph system:
drainage function
immune function
transportation function
the significance of the interstitium

2. Lymphadenology concerns the lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus, Peyer's patches and bone marrow and is closely related to the fields of Immunology, Haema...

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Chronic inflammation and the significance of milieu regulation

Iris Fischer-Rahrs, Veterinary Surgeon, Steyerberg, Germany
A small, but important point to make before we start: Because I am a veterinary surgeon, this presentation comes under the heading of veterinary medicine. However, it relates not only to animals but also to basic research and medicine in general, and applies to both animals and humans alike.
I would like to briefly explain a bit about myself: I established my own practice in 1990 in a small village in Lower Saxony, halfway between Hanover and Bremen.
I predominantly treat dogs, but also horses and cats. I have been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method since 2007 and have acted as an overseas speaker for the company Regumed since 2009.
I now use the bioresonance method for more than 90% of cases in my practice.
I have been heavily involved in this particular field for some three years now as a result of a situation that affected me personally.
I quickly realised that chronic inflammations were not just of personal intere...

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Treating at-risk pregnancies using the Bicom

Dr. Esra Kirsever, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Istanbul, Turkey

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome Overview
Most pregnancies result in one baby. In about one in 80 pregnancies, twins are conceived. This can occur in one of two ways:
The more common way (which accounts for two-thirds of cases) is for the two different sperm to fertilize two different eggs, resulting in what is called a dizygotic (DZ) twin gestation.

These twins are often called fraternal twins. In this type of twinning each twin has its own sac of amniotic fluid and its own placenta (afterbirth). Dizygotic twins have two sets of membranes surrounding their amniotic fluid sacs (one inner amnion layer and one outer chorion layer), and therefore they are known as diamniotic, dichorionic.
These twins are often referred to as identical twins since they have the same genetic material. Approximately one-third of MZ twins look just like fraternal twins on prenatal ultrasound since there are two separate amniotic sacs and t...

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Holistic medicine as scientific world view

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Schulz, Berlin, Germany
In line with tradition, this Congress begins with a keynote address. Such an address can help encourage us to contemplate the wider scientific issues that concern us all at this conference before we then move on to present and discuss specific results of bioresonance therapy in various important lectures over the next few days.
One such wider issue is the physical medium which enables therapy to take effect: electromagnetic interaction. It is one of the three fundamental physical forces of Nature. The so-called strong interaction binds atomic nuclei together while the gravitational interaction or gravitational attraction does the same for the whole universe. In between, the electromagnetic interaction underlies the molecular processes of chemistry and also enables all life on our planet. It does this primarily with the light of the sun, the source of all life on earth.
I should now like to demonstrate why this same medium assumes an ...

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Idiopathic cystitis illustrated in cats and dogs (also applicable to human medicine)

Dr. med. vet. Helga Oberwittler, Veterinary Surgeon, Radolfzell, Germany

Dear Colleagues, dear members of the Brugemann Family, dear friends of bioresonance therapy and dear delegates.
I became involved in bioresonance four years ago and last year I was invited and encouraged to present a lecture here at the International Congress. I would like to express my sincere thanks for that invitation.
First of all, let me introduce myself. I have been running a veterinary practice in the Lake Constance area since 1995 where I mainly treat dogs, cats and rabbits as well as horses, cattle, goats and sheep.
I studied Veterinary Medicine from 19801986 in GieBen and Vienna, where I also obtained my doctorate.
Even back then I was always interested in homeopathy and acupuncture and attended courses on the latter in Vienna and subsequently in Germany. I was fortunate to be offered a job as an assistant in a practice that also carried out homeopathy and acupuncture.
In 2010, at a symposi...

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Viral and bacterial diseases: changes in blood in dark field imaging during bioresonance treatment

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hannover, Germany

Dear Colleagues,
a special greeting to Mr and Mrs Brügemann and my thanks to them for inviting me once again to this year's Congress.

How a working hypothesis became a certainty
Following a conversation with Mr Brügemann last year regarding an hypothesis I was working on, he asked me whether I would be willing to give a presentation on the subject. When I replied that I would gladly be able to do so in 2-3 years' time, he asked whether I could think in terms of scheduling it in for the next Congress. With this conversation in the back of my mind I then set off for home.
On the return journey I kept thinking about the paper that had been given by Marcel Riffel. His presentation had focused on Dr William Ross Adey and his concept of the "biological" window. Marcel gave details of Adey's research.
Here again is the definition of the concept taken from his lecture:
"A biological window describes a confined spectrum of electromagnetic os...

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Quicker and more effective treatment using a specific Bicom cupping therapy, for example in cases of herniated disk, cancer, etc.

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, Doctor, Izmir, Turkey

Dear colleagues and bioresonance friends,
Yet again, we are here together at the 55th International BICOM® Bioresonance Congress. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr and Ms Brugemann for giving me the opportunity of giving another speech.
I would also like to thank Doctor Zeynep Karabey for her support and the information she has shared about all the developments and innovations in bioresonance.
In this year's speech I will be talking about how we achieved quicker and more effective treatment results by using Cupping Therapy together with BICOM® bioresonance.

What is cupping treatment?
The cupping therapy is a purifying technique that forms a localised congestion on the skin surface by creating negative pressure using glass or special plastic cups in order to promote blood, lymph and nerve circulation.
Cupping Therapy involves the
elimination of blockages in certain areas with high concentration of waste material an...

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Bioresonance in implantology

Dr. Matthias Arnold, Dentist, Prien, Germany
BICOM® — Framework treatment for implants in the field of dentistry or Where can I apply the bioresonance method when carrying out implant procedures?
Bioresonance is the resonating together of two material or non-material oscillating circuits.
By using the BICOM® device I can therefore bring two distinct material connections together into one.
An implant consists of metal or ceramic non-living matter, whereas bone is made from bone cells etc. and is therefore living matter. So how can I bring non-living matter into harmony with living matter?
The solution is to oscillate the metal or ceramic implant with the body's specific frequency and to harmonise it with the living matter, which has its own genetically pre-programmed oscillation. Will that work in practice? With the BICOM® this is possible. I place a drop of blood on a slide into the input cup and oscillate this onto the material in the output cup. This means that I have transferred the...

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Welcome and opening of the Congress

Hans Brüggemann, founder and executive director REGUMED
Dear Congress participants,
May I thank you all for coming to this our 55th International BICOM® Congress. Special thanks to those of you who have had a long journey to get here, but welcome to everyone else too.
The theme for this year's Congress is Bioresonance: ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.
What do we mean by simple?
Duden, the renowned German dictionary, gives the following definition: "easily understood — easy to implement — uncomplicated". If we study the bioresonance method in an unbiased and open manner, we see that it really is easy to understand.
Here is a list of the few salient facts needed to understand the BICOM® bioresonance method:

All matter living or dead transmits frequency patterns/information.
These frequency patterns can be picked up with the aid of conductive applicators.
These contain all physiological and pathological frequency patterns.
When inverted and fed back to the body, these bring abo...

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Resistance to antibiotics and the bioresonance method

Alexander A. C. Rijsberman, Qualified Naturopath, Baar, Switzerland

Multi-resistance is one particular form of antibiotic resistance. We are talking about micro-organisms that have in effect become resistant to almost all antibiotics and virostatic agents. These are known as MRP or Multi-Resistant Pathogens.
In May 2014, the WHO (World Health Organization) published a wake-up call in a medical journal. The headline read: WHO raises the alarm. Antibiotic resistance is present everywhere. Wake-up call: even minor injuries that have been treated effectively for decades may now prove fatal.
According to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General — Health Security at the WHO in Geneva, the threat is imminent and affects people of all ages and in all countries. In the article, Dr. Fukuda calls for more intensive research in the field of antibiotic resistance. Time is short because third-generation antibiotics are failing to treat gonorrhoea, for instance. Worldwide, there are one mi...

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