Effective possibilities of a point therapy

SIssi Karz, Naturopath, Ag. Nikolaos, Greece
Dear Colleagues,
A year ago we were introduced to the new point-based adhesive applicators. Since then I have used these time and again with great
success and have achieved some spectacular results in the process.
Today I would like to introduce and warmly recommend to you the most valuable methods for making treatment of patients east er.
The first major alleviation for the therapist is brought by the
use of adhesi ve applicators for correcting the hyoid and temporomandibular joint
Whilst to date we have always worked at the input with the roller applicator with the patient standing so that the therapist does not get backache,now the same results can be achieved with adhesive applicators:
- to control obliquity of the jaw
- and at the same time also clearly remedy hip joint obliquity or at least clearly improve it
- and also remove laterality problems
The procedure could not be simpler:
In order to find out which side should be ...

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Gingivitis: an autoimmune disease using the example of a cat

Dr. med. vet. Jochen Becker, Tespe, Germany

Many of my colleagues who work with four- legged patients have already noticed that gingivitis in cats is on the increase. In my practice alone, gingivitis makes up about 10 percent of all feline disorders and the signs are that this trend is continuing to grow.
From a purely conventional medical perspective, various causes are invoked for this disease. The formation of plaque, for example, is named as the bacterial cause of gingivitis, as is so-called FORL (feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion), yet hormonal causes may also trigger gingivitis. Moreover, autoimmune disorders and viruses are discussed as possible causes of this inflammation of the oral cavity which is extremely painful for cats.

Gingivitis is frequently also associated with severe inflammation of the angle of the mandible, known in the technical jargon as faucitis. The universal view of conventional medicine is that this is the result of the cot be...

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Aggressive children and the Herpes virus

Gary Lim Wei Khoon, Singapore
Greeting everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank Regumed for giving me this opportunity to shore some valuable information that will not only help your patients but bring more business to your practice.
I have been practicing as a naturopath in Singapore for 5 years and mainly use the BICOM®, ozone hydro therapy and nutritional support for my patients. Our main treatment centre is running 10 BICOM®s and 5 ozone hydrotherapy. We have a medical doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor under our employment and the rest ore nutritionist and dietitian.

Dear colleagues, the cases of behavioral disorder in children like autism, ADHD, ADD, hyperkinetic disorders, obsessive­ compulsive disorders, dyslexia etc. progressing into bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia in adulthood is ever increasing in our modern society.
For personal and professional interest, I have been searching for information about the disease and I om always on the look ...

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Epilepsy in childhood

Dr. Sinon Akkurt, lzmir, Turkey

Dear colleagues,
Dear bioresonance friends,
My BICOM® bioresonance adventure which started about 5 years ago is very interesting and continues to surprise me every day. Within this period a smoking representative told me how he had stopped smoking with the help of BICOM® bioresonance. Beginning with the smoking treatment, I eventually started applying the treatment in many different diseases. I have experienced countless times that the BICOM® bioresonance method knows no bounds in medicine and can be used in all areas for all kinds of diseases, with mind at peace. Now, when a patient comes for any disease, I can easily accept him, because I am sure that I can help him with BICOM® bioresonance
In lzmir, in the west of Turkey, I have  my own clinic. Before I was working both in governmental institutions and in my private clinic, but now, with the BICOM®, I have been working in my private clinic for 2 years. My working field is often the chronic disea...

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Amalgam clean up – beneficial therapy for multiple sclerosis patients

Dr. med. dent. Vera Maubach-Chandra, Monchengladbach, Germany
Dear Congress delegates,
You know me as a BICOM® therapist with many years' experience. I've worked in this field since 1990. The way I practice dentistry has changed considerably through the knowledge I have acquired from the numerous excellent training courses run by the Institute for Regulative Medicine. At the time I still had fillings myself and obviously continued to use amalgam with my patients. But this soon changed.
To begin with, I only removed amalgam when requested to do so by my patients. Back then I still had my doubts as to whether amalgam really was dangerous. The turning point came when I encountered a female patient about 38 years of age, who looked like a plucked chicken. She had only a few thin strands of hair on her head. Over a period of nine months she had been examined by conventional medical practitioners and was finally discharged as "healthy". She came to me with one desire
-to have her amalgam...

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Infants and children: First confrontation with the chemical hammer

Dr. med. M.Sc. Petra Maack-Wantzen, lngelheim, Germany
Bleeding tendency_p.[2ph'ylaxis with Konakion®
"We were looking forward to the baby so much and now ..."
More and more often we see new parents complaining about problems with their baby soon after birth. Loud wailing from late afternoon until the early hours, thick cradle cap on their heads plus skin rashes which many paediatricians put down to new-born acne which they'll grow out of. Flatulence and stomach cramps dismissed as 3-month colic, with parents told to just get on with it ...
But my experience of daily practice would suggest that the factors involved here are quite different.
Many of these young ones react to the synthetic Vitamin K, Konakion®, which is given in Germany as prophylaxis against blood clotting disorders and is administered during post-natal checks immediately after birth, after one week and then again after
4-6 weeks.
Forms of therapy such as homoeopathy, acupuncture and bioresonance too are based on...

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Histamin intolerance – a disorder with many faces

Dr. med. Jörg Reibig, Falkenberg, Germany
Dear colleagues,
Histamine intolerance (HIT) is the cause of numerous chronic conditions and is in fact a disorder with many facets. Unfortunately it often goes undetected. Patients have frequently spent a number of years fruitlessly visiting doctors and clinics, leading to frustration or even depression. Often they hear from the doctors treating them that it's nothing, it's psychological, or there's nothing that can be done, or that it's simply an iron deficiency, or that their stools need to be checked for parasites given their recurring diarrhoea. I myself have been closely involved in treating this disorder since I attended a workshop in Potsdam in May 2011, followed by an intensive discussion with Prof. Reinhart Jarisch from Vienna.
This discussion centred on the diagnostic options available and on whether the condition can in fact be treated at all. This is the subject of his book Histamine Intolerance, Histamine and Seasickness...

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The role of the Epstein Barr virus in chronic diseases

Dr. med. Jurgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

A Typical case
12-year-old Louis came to our practice with constant diarrhoea accompanied by abdominal cramp, migraine, dizziness and tiredness. The conventional medical diagnosis was lactose and histamine intolerance. Despite the patient adopting an appropriate diet the symptoms scarcely improved. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy results were normal. We learnt from the parents that, prior to his current symptoms, Louis had developed glandular fever in 2009. Following kinesiological testing we began bioresonance therapy by eliminating the Epstein Barr virus. The effects of electronic smog and interfering scars were treated. Intestinal mycosis was rehabilitated and the allergies to cow's milk, wheat and salicylic acid were treated. After this the boy was well again. His abdominal pain had vanished, he could tolerate milk and wheat and the tolerance threshold of foods containing lactose and histamine was even raised. Once the acute symptoms had su...

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HIV: Making life easier- prolonging life

Dagmar Siebert, Naturopath, Offenburg, Germany
Dear Congress delegates!
For the past twelve years I have been working with BICOM® therapy in Offenburg alongside my husband who is a general practitioner.
He has been looking after HIV outpatients in the South Baden area for more than ten years. In recent years there has been an opportunity for me therefore to help look after HIV patients too, i.e. to ease or cure the secondary disorders of these patients using bioresonance therapy. And it is this work that I would like to talk to you about.
In Germany, naturopaths are not permitted to treat sexually transmitted diseases by law
- in our case it is the doctor treating the HIV. I can treat the side-effects of the drug medication, for example, and thus help to improve the patient's quality of life.
My first HIV patient was sent to me by a dentist. He was experiencing such inflammatory pain in his gums that he was unable to use his dentures and therefore was unable to eat properly. He w...

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Autistic spectrum disorder

Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey, Kusadasi Aydin, Turkey
Dear colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure to report, at this year's Congress, on the results of a nationwide study conducted in Turkey.
But first let me tell you a little about myself: after handing over to a colleague the Berlin GP practice I had run for 15 years under the state insurance scheme, I decided to return to my homeland and go back to my roots, as it were. My husband and I represent Regumed in Turkey. I also work three days a week in my general medical practice. My assistant and I treat approximately 50 patients per week almost exclusively with bioresonance using two BICOM® BICOM optima® devices.
Bioresonance is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey. This is mainly as a result of successful treatment of satisfied patients and their relatives. Around 100 practices nationwide are now equipped with bioresonance devices. Several universities have stated they are prepared to conduct clinical trials, for which Regumed has p...

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