Technology-Therapist-Patient: a subtle combination

Professor Dr.-Ing. Norbert Harthun, Leipzig, Germany

1 About the term subtle¹ energy²-structures³
Though the title of this paper suggests a very broad field of research, in the time available I will use examples to provide “circumstantial evidence” for the action of subtle energy structures.

The physicist William Tiller, for example, views the term from a technical perspective. According to Werthmüller [1], Tiller introduced the concept of “subtle energies” into physics and expressed the idea in the following way:

“By subtle fields or energies I don’t simply mean weak fields or energies ... Based on our experiences to date, subtle fields are very weakly linked to our electromagnetic fields so that we normally only perceive small effects. But under favourable circumstances they can interact powerfully and bring about major effects. I believe that the future technology we develop in this area will uncover latent energy content and the opportunities for utilising such subtl...

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Welcome and opening the Congress

Mr. Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED

This is the 51st Congress to be held on the subject of the bioresonance method. The first Congress took place in 1979 on Lake Starnberg. Even back then users were making important suggestions and discoveries which continue to play an important role in developing the method today.

Our Congresses are shaped by broad- mindedness and the common objective of helping many patients by using an advanced, non-invasive form of therapy free from side effects. In particular, the bioresonance method is often able to help restore health to patients with conditions which conventional medicine is unable to treat effectively.

The great willingness of bioresonance therapists to pass on their knowledge and experiences is extremely gratifying and helps us to further develop and underpin our methods. This willingness unites bioresonance users and provides them with a unique set of skills. It also helps to integrate the bioresonance method ...

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Losing weight with Bicom: simple treatment using the body’s acupuncture points

Dr. med. Barbara Irmler, general practitioner, Munich, Germany
A few years ago, Mrs. Brügemann developed a treatment concept for overweight patients. Bioresonance therapy on the ear acupuncture points gives them invaluable support when attempting to lose weight. The theoretical principles and treatment stages are described clearly with a dose of humour in the Regumed text, “Lose weight – but how?”
Treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. The acupuncture point applicator is placed on the ear acupuncture points and the respective programs are selected. If the therapist has several patients taking part in the weight loss program, then he/she must calculate the overall time required to carry out this session.
The ear is what is known as a microsystem, i.e. all parts of the body are represented here in reduced format, just as on a map. These reflex zones can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Body acupuncture is carried out using meridian systems, which refer to the organs as...

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Tolerance of dental materials and their influence on patient health

Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Wolschner, dentist, Berlin, Germany

Chronic inflammation resulting from permanent immune activation is the basis of many chronic disorders. This dysfunction of the immune system is triggered by various factors, including allergenic, inflammatory or toxic dental materials.
My colleague, Dr. Ingrid Fonk, describes this influence as follows:
I know of no other  specialist discipline that affects all other disciplines – without exception  - to the extent that dentistry does. All these disciplines are, to a considerable extent, connected with syndromes which are the result of dental materials which patients cannot tolerate.

Case study
This assessment is illustrated impressively by this unusual case where a problem with material was not actually suspected.
A patient who only came for treatment sporadically as she lived some distance away, came to me with acute severe pain in old gold crowns on teeth nos. 36 and
37. I had recommended some tim...

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Teeth as overriding interference fields in musculoskeletal disorders

Marcel Riffel, naturopath, Ostfildern,  Germany

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I am now in my seventh year as a naturopath working with BICOM® bioresonance therapy. Prior to this I worked for six years exclusively as a physiotherapist
– predominantly focusing on trauma/
I still remember one female patient who had persistent shoulder pain and who must have come to me some 30 – 40 times for treatment. Mrs K. had abnormal pain, could not raise her arm or splay out her fingers – everyday work of any kind caused her extreme pain or proved completely impossible. She categorically refused surgery because the results of x-rays and MRT scans, sonography, blood count, etc. all came back showing no problem. Nothing seemed to help, be it cortisone, ibuprofen, Voltaren or manual therapy, massages, electrotherapy, osteopathy or thermotherapy.
After a number of unsuccessful treatments I finally admitted defeat and told the patient that I ha...

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Hyperactive children – a major challenge for all involved

Dr. med. Willy Hammerschmidt, specialist in general medicine, Röthenbach, Germany
There have always been hyperactive children. Such children drive parents and primary school teachers to despair because they are unable to concentrate on anything. Incapable of distinguishing between what is and what is not important, they constantly interrupt other people, walk around and cannot turn their hand to any clear-cut task. As far back as 1845, neurologist Heinrich Hofmann clearly outlined the behavioural characteristics associated with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder in his description of a “Zappelphilipp” or fidget.

We need to give a few brief definitions to start with.
ADS = Attention Deficit Syndrome
ADHS = Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome
ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder = ADS
ADHD = Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder = ADHS
HKS = Hyperkinetische Störung
(Hyperkinetic Disorder)
HK = Hyperkinetic Disorder = HKS
We must always rem...

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Having the courage to treat advanced stages of cancer using the Bicom

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, doctor, Izmir, Turkey
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I first started using bioresonance therapy 4 years ago. I became curious after speaking to a medical sales representative who was a chain smoker and had given up smoking through bioresonance. At the time I saw use of the BICOM® as being restricted to this type of treatment and also didn’t have the time to learn more about other indication areas.
I bought a device with a colleague and, in addition to our work as doctors in the public health sector, we were also looking to work part-time in our general practice and use bioresonance as a smoking cessation treatment. But after a while we decided out of curiosity to attend further training courses offered by company representatives in Turkey. It soon became clear to us that this didn’t just stop at smoking cessation. We decided to venture into treating allergies. This was followed by the huge range of rheumatic diseases and plenty of successfu...

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Use of low deep frequencies and the second channel in veterinary medicine – the HOW and WHY!

The aim here is to discuss why the low deep frequencies can be so important. But first of all let us look at what constitutes these frequencies and where they normally occur.
The sensory reaction of the brain to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields is a well known phenomenon in neurobiology.
The pineal gland functions in this connection as a kind of biomagnetic sensor. The pineal gland has several synonyms:
• Corpus pineale
• Epiphysis
• Cerebral apophysis
• Glandula pinealis
The pineal gland consists mainly of secretory nerve cells and glial cells which produce the hormone melatonin. The pineal gland often contains in its tissue concentrically arranged calcium concrement formations of different sizes. These concrements are often termed „brain sand” and are visible in X-rays of the cranium in the midline.
In earlier times the pineal gland was regarded as the point of connection between the brain and the spirit (René Descartes).
Some followers of Discordianism maintain...

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The culprit isn’t just found in the intestine – Pancreatitis, gastritis, enteritis & Co

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner, general practitioner, Vohenstrauß, Germany

For the past 9 years in our small town general medical practice we have been working with a broad range of naturopathic therapies, the favourite being bioresonance. This is because, in addition to enabling extensive testing of the causes of disorders, bioresonance therapy offers outstanding possibilities for treating medical complaints by stabilising impaired organ systems and eliminating pathogens. We make use of the full extent of conventional medical diagnosis and combine this with comprehensive naturopathic diagnosis and therapy which our patients respond to very well. We only resort to conventional medical treatment if absolutely necessary however. Meanwhile we now work with two BICOM® devices which are usually in constant use and, over the years, have treated several thousand patients with bioresonance, many of them with digestive disorders.

The intestine – heart of our immune system

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“Foot eczema” in horses?

Dr. med. vet. Georg Müller, veterinarian, Salenstein, Switzerland

For 22 years I have worked as a freelance veterinary surgeon in a referral practice for large and small animals in Salenstein am Untersee. It was one of my assistants who made me aware of BICOM® bioresonance and since then, for over 15 years, I have used BICOM® bioresonance methods in my daily work. This technique has expanded my horizons and boosted my professional motivation. I have already enjoyed numerous successes with these biophysical methods in a variety of continuous training seminars, and, last but not least, I have adopted a different approach when looking at health-related matters.
The aim of today’s presentation is to draw a comparison between two common skin conditions in dogs and horses. In logical medical terms, “toe eczema in horses” seems ridiculous but, from the complementary medicine perspective, and BICOM® bioresonance methods in particular, this comparison is extremely useful. From...

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