Extended therapy programs bring even more effective treatment

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nicolaos, Crete, Greece

New therapy programs in the extremely low frequency range
When Herr Brügemann explained to me last summer that he intended extending the frequency range of the BICOM® device downwards into the extremely low frequency range, I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea as it had become increasingly clear to me over the years that a switch must take place in the heads of all patients in order to bring about lasting therapeutic success.
I was so amazed and convinced by the results obtained from treating patients with these additional extremely low frequency impulses that, since then, I have used these extremely low frequencies on virtually all my patients. Our body’s control centre, the brain, is subject to excessive strain and demands from environmental factors and from the resulting stress provoked in the body. Help is desperately needed here to aid the healing process.
I began by first testing each patient kinesiologically to...

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Allergy patients who appear to be resistant to therapy 

Dr. med. univ. Dietmar Stanchina, Eppan, Italy 
As a doctor of acupuncture, I have also worked with the bioresonance method for several years now. The combination of the two methods is excellent, and I’ve even taken to blending bioresonance and acupuncture, and preferring bioresonance to laser acupuncture.
Acute and central allergies, regardless of the body compartments in which they occur, mostly respond very well to the usual bioresonance programs. The prerequisites are open organs of elimination, elimination of scar interference fields or geopathic stress, and the removal of any other therapy blocks (enteromycosis, gut dysbiosis, heavymetal stress, etc.). Sometimes, however, we bioresonance therapists seem to be completely stumped. What we are often dealing with here are energy/meridian disorders, and it makes good sense to apply the allergy programs directly to the appropriate acupuncture points or energy axes. What it boils down to is a somewhat differentiated application of con...

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Using information from the extracellular fluid for BICOM therapy

Dr. med. dent. Ernst Beereuter, Zurich, Switzerland

I should like to welcome you to this lecture and thank Regumed for inviting me. I will start by telling you a little about myself by way of introduction. I have been operating my own dental practice in Zurich for more than 20 years. My wife works in the adjoining rooms as a bioresonance therapist, complementing my predominantly conventional medical work. She has also actively supported me in the work, the results of which I am going to present in this lecture.

Sulcus fluid
We all know from our work with the BICOM® device that body fluids store information about disease and we can use this to treat conditions often before they actively bother us. This method can also be used in dental practice. Obviously the first thought is to use saliva which is easy to obtain. There is however another fluid which is secreted directly in small quantities around the teeth and which is admittedly less noticeable and available only ...

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Terrorists in the immune system

Alexander Rijsberman, Dipl.Naturopath, Zug, Switzerland
I would like to extend a warm welcome from Switzerland.
It is very exciting to be standing before so many colleagues. It gives me pleasure to be permitted to pass on to you some of what I have learnt. I have made a discovery which I should like to present to you.
But first an appropriate saying from Confucius:
He who knows the goal can decide.
He who decides finds peace.
He who finds peace is secure
He who is secure can consider.
He who considers can improve.
Very often I treat the patient but make no progress. Perhaps you also find this. You have gone through all the therapy with your patient, treated all the central allergies such as wheat and cow’s milk and are simply not satisfied with the result. The patient presents with ever more exotic allergies which just can’t be reached. You keep coming to the same point, although at the start everything was perfectly clear. You are probably beginning to doubt your abilities.

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Infectious diseases and the BICOM method

Rudolf Haußmann, Naturopath, Weil am Rhein, Germany

We come across a great many infectious diseases in our practices. Particularly so because many so-called “banal” infections are often not properly treated in GP surgeries because the costs are no longer fully reimbursed by the health insurance companies.
Rhinitis often has to be diagnosed as sinusitis, bronchitis or a similar condition just to qualify for insurance funding.
The consequence of this – and this not only applies in my practice – is that an increasing number of these patients, who in some cases have been coming to us for several years with other conditions, are now
coming to naturopathic practices for suitable treatment. This often occurs in the knowledge that serious complications may develop from “banal” infections if left untreated or not treated properly.
The idea of “containing costs” doesn’t apply here, since treating these complications is generally more expensive than the original infection, wh...

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New effective BICOM therapy combinations which save time – (not just) with difficult patients

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke and Simone Maquinay, BICOM® Therapist, Aachen, Germany

1. Introduction
Years ago therapists practising bioresonance therapy fell into one of two camps: one championed therapy with endogenous  requency patterns using the body’s own fluids and multiple therapy programs with the input and output on the patient. The other group advocated applying test ampoules (Combined Test Technique) with an A or Ai program to the patient seated at the output. They have now made peace and most advanced BICOM® therapists combine both methods.
In practice therapy sessions usually begin with basic and follow-up therapies incorporating endogenous oscillations. Stresses are then eliminated and finally organ and meridian ampoules applied to stabilise the patient. This made therapy sessions very long, particularly with difficult or sensitive patients, and was not always easy to organise.
We spotted a clever idea in a dental practice: the patient is connected to two BICOM® devices ...

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BICOM therapy in paediatrc practice

Markus Grunefeld, Naturopath, Monheim, Germany
Dear colleagues,
I too would like to warmly welcome you to the 49th International BICOM® Congress in Fulda and share with you a few of my own experiences.
My presentation deals with BICOM® therapy in paediatric practice. Treatment success rates, indications and particular features of therapy as well as some instructions for administering therapy to young and older children is explained here in more detail. These observations are based on 7 years of experience and general use of bioresonance therapy in my practice. The naturopathic practice for children in Monheim am Rhein is one of the few services provided in Germany offering complementary naturopathy carried out by naturopaths in the area of paediatric medicine.

Statistical information
I will briefly give you some data and facts on bioresonance therapy from my daily practice.
From a core patient base of around 1,100 children at present, some 79% are treated with bioresonance ther...

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Bioenergetic therapy of the shoulder joint

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany

1. Introduction
Dear colleagues,
Two years ago the Congress took as its slogan “Working together to expand medical horizons”. One or two of you may remember my presentation and workshop on treating spinal problems through the teeth.
The horizon is the boundary line between the visible earth and the sky and viewed from my professional perspective between physiotherapy/osteopathy and the bioresonance method. “Horizon” comes from the Greek and literally translated means “the field of vision”.
Surely expanding horizons means combining traditional knowledge (physiotherapy and osteopathy) with new knowledge (bioresonance therapy)? That is to say, to broaden horizons based on everything learnt, to maintain this and with the help of many holistic treatment philosophies, develop them further?
That’s my concept of broadening horizons at any rate. From this perspective I hope that with my presentation I will be able to give you new incentives...

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Borrelia – in dogs, cats, horses, and ferret too

Dr. med. vet. Solveigh von Jordans, Paderborn, Germany
I have now been running my own practice for 22 years.
Inspired by our good farm vet, Dr. Herbert Kampik, a former East Prussian ho, early on, was already an excellent homeopath, I have worked right from the start with alternative, as well as conventional, medicine. Methods of alternative medicine that I have been using are:

• Homeopathy
• Naturopathy
• Bach flower remedies
• Magnetic field and laser therapy
• UV light treatment.
Unfortunately I only came across bioresonance therapy at a very late stage
about four and a half years ago and have been using it increasingly often since then. What I particularly appreciate is the possibility of making a rapid diagnosis and of subsequently treating the patient quickly so that valuable time is not lost.
The issue of Borrelia infection has also been gaining in significance amongst our four-legged friends too in recent years. According to the latest findings, it is assumed that, ...

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Borrelia infection – what next?

Thilo Schank, Naturopath, Ottweiler, Germany 
Lyme Borreliosis
Lyme borreliosis or Lyme disease is a multisystemic infectious disease triggered by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium of the spirochete family. It can attack any organ, as well as the nervous system, joints and tissues. The disease occurs in humans and in all other mammals, as well as in birds. Transmission is chiefly by the wood tick of the genus Ixodes, and also in very rare cases by mosquitoes or horseflies.

Discovery and naming
The term ‘Lyme borreliosis’ stems from the names of the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme in the State of Connecticut in the USA, where the syndrome was first described in 1975 following the cumulative occurrence of joint inflammation in association with tick bites, as well as from the description of the disease as a borreliosis, which can be traced back to the systematic microbiological classification (genus) of the pathogen, named after the French bacteriologist Amédée Borrel.
The pa...

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