An excursion through the veterinarian BICOM practice 

Jörg Fiedler, Veterinary Surgeon, Baunatal, Germany 

Testing and therapy: practical opportunities
The opportunities to use BICOM® therapy in veterinary practice are actually endless. From A for allergy right through to Z for zoster, every condition can at least be diagnosed and, depending upon the patient or their owner, treated too.

Can you perform BRT successfully even without testing?
Especially for those new to BICOM®, testing should not necessarily be performed on the patient but on a blood sample taken previously.
If some therapists want to work with BICOM® before first using the tensor, there is actually nothing preventing this and I welcome this incidentally. There is a collection of tried and tested program combinations which can be used without having to test the patient.
Once you have gained a certain amount of confidence, you can also use the indication­based programs from the Therapy Manual and create your own individual therapy for the patient (be bold!).

Position of t...

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Use of the BICOM cupping electrode therapy to treat hypertension.

Ilona Patz, Naturopath, Eilsleben, Germany 
I first learnt about cupping by taking part in the user days run by Regumed. Although “cupping” was a term I was familiar with and I had some idea of what was involved, the excellent presentations given by Frau Brügemann reinforced my intention to use cupping in my practice.
Anyone who, like me, has worked for more than 35 years with patients (I am a paediatric nurse and naturopath) often has the feeling that there must be an alternative to having to resort to chemicals. And even physiotherapy can often be painful, especially in the shoulder/neck region and the chest and lumbar spine, quite apart from the fact that detoxification is completely disregarded when using physiotherapy as the sole treatment.
I also treated myself to some informative literature, e.g. “Die Kunst des Schröpfens” [The Art of Cupping] by Hedwig Piotrowski­Manz (ISBN 3­8304­9091­7). She uses cupping for a number of illnesses, ranging from the joints to disorders relating...

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Carcinoma aftercare using the bioresonance method

Univ. Doz. MR Dr. med. Johann Lahodny, St. Pölten, Austria

According to figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) the number of people suffering from cancer is rising continuously. 55% of patients with cancer die each year in the industrialised nations.
A situation which, given the latest medical and scientific findings, is no longer justified and should no longer be tolerated in this day and age.
Conventional cancer treatment consists of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and routine cancer screening. Surgery is meant to remove the visible tumour tissue. Adjuvant treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are then used in an attempt to kill off the remaining tumour or may also be used as monotherapy. Routine post­cancer treatment consists of regular CT or MRI scans and tests for tumour markers at six­monthly intervals. These examinations are used to ascertain whether new cancerous nodes have appeared.

New findings
New research into cell propagation ...

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Echinococcosis treatment using the bioresonance method

Sandra Hänni, Naturopath, Täuffelen, Switzerland
The symptoms of echinococcosis range from upper abdominal pains and loss of appetite to jaundice, caused by disturbance to bilirubin metabolism, and portal hypertension.
The main organ in which this parasitic infection develops is the liver, as in 90% of cases, but infestation of the lungs and brain also form part of its clinical picture. It is mainly passed on as a result of poor hygiene from unwashed forest fruits, mush­rooms and herbs. Infection by echinococ­cus larvae produces similar symptoms to those produced by a malign tumour. Characteristic features include inflamma­tions and vascular proliferation with necrosis and cavity formation. It is thought to take 8 to 15 years from initial infection to the first signs of the disease appearing.
If a predator host, such as a dog or cat, becomes infected, the animal will display minimal symptoms, except for an acute worm stress. This is in contrast to animals of prey, such as sheep and mic...

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Treatment of infectious diseases in veterinary medicine 

Stephanie Dziallas, Animal Naturopath, Sandstedt, Germany 
My name is Stephanie Dziallas. I am an animal naturopath from Sandstedt and have been working with the BICOM® bioresonance device for about two years. When I lost my two Spanish dogs to leishmaniasis within six weeks of one another in the summer of 2005, I refused to accept that Allopurinol and Glucantime were apparently virtually the only way of treating leishmaniasis. Anger and despair over the death of my dogs spurred me on to search for other methods of treating this disease. Following extensive research I came upon the BICOM® bioresonance device and the success I have experienced in the past in treating chronic infections speaks for itself! I have now successfully treated numerous dogs and cats which were chronically infected with parasites, viruses or bacteria.

Fundamental procedure
Before starting treatment I obtain an impression of the overall constitution of the animal and decide whether homeopathic remedies or phytot...

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Promising opportunities for treating parasites using blood and saliva

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece
Dear colleagues,
Three years ago Herr Baklayan gave a very informative presentation on intra­and extracellular parasites, which inspired me and no doubt others to think about possible treatment opportunities beyond ampoule therapy.
In the summer I then made initial attempts with my colleague, Dr. Lang, at finding an alternative or supporting measure for treatment using parasite ampoules. The following method has since been introduced very successfully in several practices and has proven effective for a number of different disorders. For this reason I would now like to pass it on to a wider group of colleagues.
The initial idea was to work with blood alone, but the results were not clear or definitive. Only after a second swab with a similar quantity of saliva was added to the cup was it possible to arrive at clear statements using the tensor, with the same results also achieved using kinesiology.
For treatment each of the following ...

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Background stresses and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of the BICOM® bioresonance method,
My paper today deals with a very serious clinical picture. Much is already known about this condition and I do not wish to give the impression that it is necessarily easy to treat MS. My experience and my successes (including some partial successes) have shown me that behind the MS are very typical types of stress which can be successfully treated.
In over 20 years of practice I have looked after numerous MS patients. I have been able to give a large number of them lasting stability and helped them to regain a good quality of life.
Stabilisation means fewer attacks at longer intervals (in terms of years) and, where an attack did occur, it would be significantly weaker than previous attacks, with fewer symptoms (either just eye symptoms or general physical weakness or mild ataxia) and often even without the need to prescribe cortisone treatment.
As I have seen over the years, these patie...

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Diagnosis and treatment of borreliosis-related disorders – various stages and manifestations

Dr. med. Brigit Fleischer, Bernau nr. Berlin, Germany 
Dear Colleagues,
Dear BICOM® Users,
I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences with you and I am pleased to report on my work with the BICOM® 2000.
I run a small private practice in the country, working as a GP and naturopath. In addition to bioresonance I work with dark field microscopy and isopathy after Prof. Enderlein as well as with traditional homeopathy, manual therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.
Taking the example of the various forms taken by borreliosis and its “chameleonlike” behaviour, this gives us, I believe, a clear insight into the system and logic underlying BICOM® therapy and, in particular, the Combined Test Technique (CTT).
This disease has already been discussed in this forum and you are familiar with the symptoms. Similar to syphilis it feigns various organ manifestations, ranging from skin complaints, “summer flu” to nervous complaints similar to MS. Some colleagues ma...

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Integrating the eight extraordinary meridians in bioresonance therapy 

Dr. Sabine Rauch, Limburg, Germany 

In addition to the main meridians in Chinese medicine, the extraordinary meridians, also known as miraculous meridians, form additional energy pathways (secondary meridians), composed of sections or points of the main meridians and performing a kind of coordinating role in the overall meridian system. According to traditional belief their task is to distribute around the body the ancestral energy originating in the kidneys and suprarenal glands.

Their use is clinically indicated primarily with therapyresistant and recurrent pain and chronic disorders involving dysfunction. In my opinion they are also outstandingly effective when combined with BICOM® therapy in treating chronic and autoimmune disorders where two or more elements are disturbed, as they perform a coordinating role resulting in the element or meridian disturbance being corrected more rapidly.

There are eight extraordinary meridians, with each two with the same function (Yin or Yang fu...

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Opening of the Congress

Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED,
and Mrs. Hermine Brügemann, executive director REGUMED
The motto for our 48th BICOM® Congress is:

Communication – the basis of life
The aim of our Congress is undoubtedly to share information – in other words communicate.
This takes place naturally through the presentations given and the workshops held, where therapists can communicate their experiences of using the BICOM® bioresonance method.
Yet, for many therapists, listening to the presentations is not the only reason for attending the Congress. They also enjoy the breaks in between, as it gives them the opportunity to speak with colleagues, many of whom have also become friends.
Because there is another important element to all communication, namely resonance.
Resonance comes in different “grades of quality”. It is possible to observe both a minimum level as well as an excellent resonance whenever we engage in a lively exchange of ideas and experiences. It is such an enric...

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