Clinical study of treatment of allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis using BICOM 2000

Dr. Wang Jun, Dr. Lu Shu Jin, Tai’an City, China


Clinical study using the BICOM 2000 from March 2004 to September 2005 in the allergy centre of the Second Hospital.
The study comprised 2186 patients: 786 cases of allergic asthma and 593 cases of allergic rhinitis.

Our overall results are summarised in the following table:

Illustration of therapy success


The curative effect was assessed on the basis of the improvement seen in clinical symptoms and no recurrences in the past 6 months.

Recovery: Allergic symptoms disappear completely. No recurrences in the 6 months following completion of therapy.
Clearly effective: Allergic symptoms disappear completely. Appearance of mild symptoms following completion of therapy.
Effective: Visible improvement in allergic symptoms, however, there are recurrences following completion of therapy.
Ineffective: No visible improvement in allergic symptoms.


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Vaccine damage and its repercussions – Diagnosis and therapy with BICOM

Anita Klammrodt, Naturopath, Grossefehn
My name is Anita Klammrodt. I have been a naturopath for eleven years and have been using bioresonance for diagnosis and treatment in my practice for seven years. I use bioresonance among other things to treat the side effects and damage caused by vaccines.
I first became aware of this through my son. He was given a 5-way vaccine at the age of three when he was due to go to nursery school. As a result of this he changed markedly. From being a loving, happy little boy he turned into an unsettled, unhappy child with destructive tendencies. Naturally, I did not think that the multiple vaccine could be the cause. I simply believed that he had picked up his bad behaviour from other children in the nursery.
In 1985, when our son was almost 15 years old, we joined a self-help group for hyperactive children which initially focused mainly on nutrition. However, attention soon turned to inoculations too. Speaking to other parents in the ...

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Experience of testing and treating degenerated cells with the BICOM Combined Test Technique

Dieter Kramer, Naturopath, Bad Essen
Dear colleagues and BICOM bioresonance therapy enthusiasts!
I should like briefly to introduce myself. My name is Dieter Kramer. I am a naturopath by profession and come from an idyllic little place near Osnabrück, where, for the past 15 years, I have been running a practice which administers natural therapies. I now work only with the BICOM Combined Test Technique and chiropractic. I have gradually been able to give up all other types of therapy such as acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone treatment, etc. in favour of bioresonance.
But now to the actual theme of my paper, testing and treating “degenerated cells”.

A patient who was 41 at the time came to my practice in April 1998. I knew him already from occasional visits due to various back problems. He told me that his GP had referred him to a urologist with suspected prostate cancer. This suspicion was based on a raised PSA level. He had...

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Some instructive cases from the field of sports medicine

Dr. med. Doreen Hug, Specialist in general medicine, sports medicine and acupuncture,
Frankfurt am Main

Both new and old sports injuries can be treated very effectively with bioresonance therapy. Specialising in sports medicine and looking after a hockey team provides me with an opportunity to amass considerable experience in treating a range of sports injuries. The following examples of treatment have been performed successfully a number of times for the same injuries on different patients.

When a muscle is strained or muscle fibre is ruptured, micro- or macro injuries occur in the muscular structure. The mechanism of the injury is such that the muscular structure of the muscle fibres is extended so that the contractile elements of the myofibrils (smallest units of the muscle fibres) are pulled apart. Injuries to the tiny capillaries and chemical reactions to the stress of muscle stretching lead to swellings and release...

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BICOM bioresonance therapy and imprints of the foot reflex zones on the plate electrodes

Margarete Seeger, Naturopath, Besigheim
Dear Colleagues,
My background is in the area of body-focused psychotherapy and I have been working with bioresonance therapy for the last 8 years. My therapy differs little I dare say from the kind of therapy you are used to: meridian therapy, elimination of scar interference, electrosmog and mandibular joint. I also focus on blockages in the ilio-sacral joints, knee, hip and shoulder joints as well as spinal joints. The blocked joints are first unblocked manually and only then do I begin with BICOM bioresonance therapy.
By the time elimination therapy is carried out (bacteria, viruses, etc.) the patients have already received between 2 and 6 treatments and so by that time I have a good idea of their bodies’ little “quirks”. For an elimination therapy I always lay the patient on the couch with their legs raised on the foot plates. These are connected, as are the ball applicators, to the output of the BICOM device.
You too will probably have ...

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Integration of bioresonance methods – Experience from a financial viewpoint

Dr. med. Cordula Ahrens, Specialist in Paediatric Medicine, Greifswald

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to share with you at this Congress my experience of using bioresonance therapy.
As a GP based in Greifswald I have been offering BICOM bioresonance therapy privately at my practice since June 2003 in conjunction with my general practice work. I had been looking for an effective alternative method of treatment after experiencing the limitations of conventional medicine when treating children with allergies.
As I’m sure is the case for many other beginners, the main issue facing me was how to integrate bioresonance into my practice hours alongside my normal GP work. Another problem was how to finance bioresonance therapy in a region with few privately insured patients or people paying for their own treatment, relatively high unemployment and practice earnings from patients covered under statutory health-care which are always difficult to predict. It...

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Are there evidence-based studies on the efficacy of the bioresonance method?

Hans Brügemann, Head of the Institute, Gräfelfing, nr. Munich

The phrase “level of evidence” is often used nowadays when attempting to prove the efficacy of drugs and medical devices. It describes the level of scientific proof and presence of meaningful data. The nature of this evidence is based on findings but more particularly on the construction of a scientific study, now also known as a “design”.
Various schemes have been proposed for classifying the level of evidence. We are using here the 8-level scheme of evidence according to the American Heart Association.
Classification of the levels of evidence according to the American Heart Association (AHA), modified according to W. F. Dick: Evidence based emergency medicine (abridged):
Level 1: Statistically significant, randomised, controlled trials (double-blind studies) or meta-analyses
Level 2: Statistically insignificant, randomised, controlled trials (double-blind studies) or meta-analyses
Level 3: Prospective, contr...

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The significance of the tooth-organ relationship in diagnosing functional and organic interferences

Dr. med. Silvia Schuder, Dentist and Naturopath, Sonneberg

The aim of holistic, alternative curative treatments is to restore health by activating the body’s self-regulatory powers. The healing process always takes place via the system of basic regulation, an open, highly integrated biological system, through communication between the cells. Through its ramified network of ground substance the connective tissue plays a key role and, thanks to its strong water-binding and ion exchange properties, enables the chemical, energetic exchange of information to take place.
The ground substance runs through the entire organism and forms the sounding board for all interactions in the organism. This represents not only the oldest principle of communication in the body in phylogenetic terms, but is also provides the anatomical and physiological basis for holistic medicine. Each organic and inorganic substance transmits infor...

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Specific environmental toxins in relation to the syndromes asthma, Parkinson’s and diabetes

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
Once I succeeded in getting T-lymphocytes, both CD 8 and CD 14 T-lymphocytes, into ampoules as starting material, various opportunities presented themselves. The first was to test the activity of T-lymphocytes or the lack of activity of lymphocytes and the progress of this activity using BICOM’s amplification technology. The second possibility was to test specifically which immune blockages impede T-lymphocytes, which also play a signify-cant role in the cancerous process, and to treat them.

I actually managed to isolate a few environmental toxins which evidently play a crucial role. These are bleaching agents in particular. This means any bleach and also the agents used in drinking water and in sewage treatment plants to disinfect water. The second is benzene and benzopyrene, in other words benzene derivatives. The third contaminant is ball bearing grease, only slight traces of which admittedly come into households via mains w...

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Individual pain therapy using the body’s own information

Simone Maquinay, Aachen
Pain therapy using the BICOM device is one of the most rewarding forms of treatment, if successful. The patient comes to the practice in pain and within a short period of time (hours, days or weeks) the pain has been alleviated and in many cases has disappeared altogether!
The general therapy recommendation is:
I: Location of pain
O: Modulation mat on back Programs (following test): 911, 918, 133, 425/426 alternately This method often helps, but not always … Each patient has their own, individual pain and it is important to look more closely at this pain and talk to the patient about it.
• When did the pain first start?
• In what physical or emotional state is/was the patient?
• Is the pain the result of an accident, fall, stress, cramp or poor posture?
There can be a number of different causes of pain and these can be important in terms of the treatment administered.
A functional interference or organ-related disorder may radiate a pai...

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