The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003 — what are the implications of these new discoveries for Bicom bioresonance therapy

Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Horst Felsch, Chemist, Fieberbrunn, Austria
Two American researchers received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in October 2003:

Peter Agre of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for discovering water channels in the cell wall
Roderick MacKinnon of Rockefeller Uni-versity in New York for structural and mechanistic studies of potassium ion channels.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Science praised Peter Agre's work stating:
"This decisive discovery opened the door to a whole series of biochemical, physiological and genetic studies of water channels in bacteria, plants and mammals.
Today researchers can follow in detail a water molecule on its way through the cell membrane and understand why only water, not other small molecules, can pass."
Roderick MacKinnon was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the way potassium ion channels work. These ion channels are structured differently from the water channels discovered by Peter Agre.
A Nobel Prize had alr...

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Treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with Bicom bioresonance

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Köln
Dear colleagues,
This year I can look back on 25 years' professional experience in my own practice, the last 20 concentrating on bioresonance therapy, both for diagnosis and therapy.
When I began working I was young and most patients who came to my practice were old. Now it is exactly the opposite. I have grown older and my patients are getting younger and younger. Around 50% are less than 40 and many are children, especially babies.
I attribute this to an increase in environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, endogenous and exogenic intoxication, and also to the approach of so-called "orthodox medicine": treating (suppressing) symptoms, disregarding causes, sometimes even smiling tolerantly or dismissing them as unscientific.

It is not only the number of patients with allergies which has increased dramatically. There has been a marked increase in intestinal diseases and they have also become more resistant ...

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Incurable illnesses—extraordinary cases treated successfully

Sigrid Henrichmann, Naturopath, Mtinster

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to present to you a few cases which from a medical point of view are seen as (in)curable disorders.
Case study 1
One of my patients called me and asked whether I could help out a good friend of theirs who had some or other inherited disorder resulting in iron overload. Since I enjoy a challenge, as you will see, I said I'd give it a try. The female patient was suffering from haemochromatosis, a disorder which causes the body to store too much iron and requires the blood to be let every couple of weeks. Although the benefits of occasional blood-letting to detoxify the patient are acknowledged by naturopaths, but not necessarily for every patient, the iron deposits are not reduced as much as required, leading to anaemia.
The patient is 46 years old and also has raised blood pressure, which may have something to do with the haemochromatosis, and has therefore been taking an ACE inhibitor and a betabl...

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Successful B ICOM treatment of central nervous system disorders in children

Dr. rer. nat. Andrew Barrie, and Mrs Anna Barrie, Non -medical practitioners, Energy Waves Clinic, Adelaide, Australia

The purpose of this paper is to share the experiences and successes of our clinic in Adelaide where we have been practising bioresonance therapy since 1998 after training in England. We currently have three BicOms and four therapists in the clinic and we see anyone we feel we can help. We also provide BicOm training courses in the Australasian region.
Our treatments are based exclusively on BICOM® with nutritional advice where appropriate. Our difficult cases come from all over Australia. We do not specialise in any particular area, but do see a fair number of children with behavioural problems often referred by the well-known child psychologist, Dr Louise Porter. Although we have a vast amount of data in our files, the pressures of private practice prevent us from presenting a statistical analysis as expected in a research paper. Instead, we are aiming t...

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Results of treating intracellular infestation by Borrelia and other micro-organisms

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Miinchen
Borrelia infection was originally regarded as an extremely rare disease caused by the spirochetes of Borrelia burgdorferi. It was thought, 30 years ago, that being bitten by a tick which was itself infected with spirochetes was the only transmis-sion route.
Professor of Biology and author of the book "Cell wall deficient forms: stealth pathogens", Lida Mattmann, was able to isolate living Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes from mosquitoes, fleas, termites, from semen, urine, blood and from cere-brospinal fluid. Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes can infest tendons, muscle cells, ligaments and even actual organs directly. In the initial stages of the disease it is not always possible to see the classic red halo around the site of the bite.
Later, the disease may even affect the heart, nervous system, joints and other organs. We now know, and for me this is a very important distinc-tion, that this infection is able to mimic a whole ran...

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Results of a pilot study into the link between blood parasites and cancer and their successful treatment

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
It is a special experience for me to report today on the continuation of the research work about which
I presented a paper last year.
This research work, whose theme is the link between blood parasites and cancer, is largely based on the intensive research of two great sci-entists whom I must now respectfully mention and whom I should like to remember for they have made a very valuable contribution to mankind and have, so far, not been recognised by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine. They are Dr. Wilhelm von Bremer, who published the article "Krebs — eine Erregerkrankheit" [Cancer — a pathogenic disease] in the journal "Fortschritte der Medizin" back in 1932. There followed a series of discoveries and publications. Likewise Dr. Alfons Weber who published his findings in 1968 in a series of books, such as "Haben wir potentielle Krebserreger schon im Blut?" [Do we carry potential carcinogenic agents in our blood?]
After ...

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Practical application of the 5 element theory using concrete examples

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hannover
Five element theory portrays the connections, interactions and dependencies existing between the meridians. As a result, it contains all the information on the body's regulator y mechanisms and provides the basis for a holistic diagnosis and therapy system.
The term "5 element theory" comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) char - acterise five "energy cycles", each element having four meridians assigned to it.
Alongside the classic meridian partners, classified as either Yin or Yang, Dr. Voll added in his electroacupuncter further meridians that he called vessels.
The meridians in an element are, from an energy viewpoint, linked together inseparably in twos and share an energy exchange. We call these meridian partners and consequently, in each element, we find four meridians, linked together in pairs (Fig. 1).
A meridian is itself a "feedback circuit" of an internal organ.
When a meridia...

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The fascinating development of bioresonance therapy: Discoveries, research, ideas and hard work

Hans Brugemann, Grafelfing
We are often asked how bioresonance therapy actually came about. Was it through laboratory testing, scientific studies, ideas from quantum physics? None of the above, in fact. Bioresonance therapy developed from observations and experi-ences of both people and patients. Bioresonance therapy therefore comes under to the area of em-pirical healing.
At the beginning there were a number of mis-understandings which were almost impossible to overcome. The same questions were asked time and again: "So, it's like ...", NO! "Then, it must be like ..." NO! Since it was something completely new, there was no question of it being "LIKE" anything else. In order to remedy this and to give this new form of therapy its "own space", in 1979 we came up with the formulation "therapeutic procedure in the field of ultrafine bioenergy".

Which were the areas of knowledge gained from experience and observation that allowed bioreso-nance therapy to emerge? Initially, ...

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Zero point energy and bioresonance — Subatomic communication in the biophoton field of cells

Dr. rer. nat. Hugo Niggli, Treyvaux, Switzerland
The biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp's biophoton centre was set up in the mid 90s near the "museum island" of Hombroich on the former NATO rocket base after the Americans vacated the site following German reunification. The island of Hombroich is a garden paradise, a fantasy world which the founder and initiator Karl-Heinrich Muller developed into a union of art and nature over twenty years ago. Together with the neighbouring rocket launch site he acquired, a centre has grown up here where artists and scientists, each in their own way, explore light and colour in harmony with nature

Biophotonics is a biological result of quantum processes, made accessible to a lay audience by Gary Zukav in his book "Die tanzenden Wu Li Meister" [The dancing Wu Li masters], published over twenty years ago by Rowohlt Verlag. "Wu Li", which means "physics" or "structure of or - ganic energy" in Chines...

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Use of bioresonance therapy in ophthalmology

Dr. med. Ali Kajasi, Wuppertal
The use of bioresonance therapy (BRT) in oph-thalmology is not very widespread. This is all the more surprising since opportunities to use this technique exist in many different areas of oph-thalmology due to the position and role of the eyes.
The eyes occupy a projecting position in the human body. They sit at one of the highest points in the human body. Six of the 12 cranial nerves (optic nerve to facial nerve) are directly associ-ated with supplying the eyes, then there is the vestibulocochlear nerve and the connecting path-ways with the labyrinthine system. Along with the nasal mucous membrane, the connective tissue membrane is the only mucous membrane which is permanently open and consequently represents a main area of attack for airborne pollen and aller-gens. The eyes' proximity to the paranasal sinuses and the upper jaw means that many inflammatory processes and especially amalgam contamination and foreign-body implants in the mouth m...

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