Treatment of serious neurological diseases of children showing two cases including video demonstration of cerebral palsy (CP)

Dr. med. Hany Morkos, Heliopolis, Egypt

First, thanks are all to God for blessing this work.
I would like to address special thanks to my wife who gave me full support to my work along 21 years and still doing with patience and love. My thanks go to Mr. Brügemann who developed and introduced the BICOM 2000 for the humanity and to Mrs. Brügemann who kindly gave me this opportunity to present this study here. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Martin Keymer who gave me full scientific support along three years. I feel really grateful to all those four persons.
Also I would like to thank my staff Mrs. Kamel Magy, P.T., Msc., Mr. Hana Adel, P.T., and Mr. Saleeb Samuel who are working with me in St. Mary clinic in Egypt for physical medicine and rehabilitation. They generously provided a substantial effort to the accomplishment of this study.
Last but not least I should address my gratitude to Mrs. Shokry Nahed, P.T., and Mr. Labieb Remon, P.T., who are demonstrators in the ped...

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Cancer therapy – a new hypothesis

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear Colleagues,
Around 7 years ago, an idea emerged in bioresonance circles to develop a cancer treatment based on the theory of apoptosis, i. e. cell death. This idea, which is based on a scientific fact, states that cells that no longer receive information from their surroundings cannot survive. By additionally attempting to stabilise the genetic code of cells, the natural process of cell death should begin again, i. e. apoptosis, which in the case of cancerous cells evidently ceases to function. In order to achieve this we used two stages of treatment:

We attempted to help the cancer cells ‘recover’ by supporting them with an A or H+Di oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input.

We suppressed the surrounding tissue with an Ai oscillation while tumour tissue was in the input so that the surrounding tissue was no longer able to pass on information to the cancerous tissue.

To begin with, this theory sounded extremely plausible and we...

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The significance of underlying intracellular stress in chronic, rheumatic and neurological disorders

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
Over the last two years one particular parasitic stress has increasingly caught my attention for the following reasons:
1. its frequent appearance with chronic diseases, especially those belonging to the neurological field of diseases
2. the problems associated with treating it
3. the extraordinary success achieved by treating it carefully but systematically.
I am talking about all the intracellular stresses and, in particular, Lyme disease. Let us turn to this condition for a moment.

Lyme disease was first recognised in the United States in 1975 following a mysterious outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis near the community of Lyme, Connecticut. The rural location of the Lyme outbreak and the onset of illness during the summer and early autumn suggested that the disease was transmitted by ticks.
The active substance for Lyme disease was discovered by Willy Burgdorfer in 1982. Burgdorfer isolated spi...

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Treating bronchitis effectively with BICOM bioresonance therapy

Angelika Prigge Jugsch, Naturopath, Sandstedt

Ladies and gentlemen,
It gives me great pleasure to speak to you today about treating bronchitis simply and effectively with the BICOM device. This disorder comes in many different forms: acute bronchitis, allergic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, spastic bronchitis, psychosomatic bronchitis, barking cough and many more. To treat the condition speedily, simply and effectively, we therapists need the following:
a BICOM device, the 5 element test kit, appropriate applicators, a little intuition and the courage to treat the patient. Then bronchitis, in all its forms, can be treated speedily with ease. Even inexperienced BICOM therapists can soon achieve a positive outcome using this method.
I should now like to demonstrate how quickly this can be done.
Up until a few years ago my practice concentrated on treating neurodermatitis. I was always looking for new ways of treating this disorder more swiftly, more simply and more effecti...

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Structured approach to therapy using BICOM 2000, including patients presenting difficult clinical pictures

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hannover

Dear colleagues of BICOM bioresonance therapy,
My paper this year should serve as an introduction to a therapy plan for particularly chronic clinical pictures. This is the result of experience gained by BICOM users over a number of years and should provide support in combating disorders in a swift and structured manner.
For many years the number of chronically acute clinical pictures has been increasing at a considerable rate. At the same time, life expectancy has also been increasing, resulting in the need for an increasing level of financial investment in our health system but without recording any notable successes in relation to chronic disorders in older people.
At the same time, the number of chronic clinical pictures is continually rising in younger people and even in children.
For a number of reasons the self healing powers of our patients’ bodies have been continually overstretched. The objective of a multicausal diagnosis s...

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Treatment of thyroid disorders with BICOM therapy

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen

Around 15 % of the German population suffer from enlargement of the thyroid (goitre), around 2 % from hyperthyroidism and around 1 % from hypothyroidism. As a result, thyroid disorders are amongst the most common metabolic disorders.
BICOM therapy can often have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and relieve the symptoms.

The thyroid produces two hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) which stimulate the metabolism of virtually all the body’s cells and also affect most other endocrine glands. The pituitary gland regulates production of these hormones through a feedback system. The pituitary is, in turn, influenced by the hypothalamus and thus the individual’s psychological state (emotions). Hormones from other endocrine glands and medication can also provoke changes in this control circuit. In terms of energy, various pathological influences (radiation, interference fields, scars, allergi...

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Success in treating resistant pathogens and infections which do not respond to clinical treatment with BICOM resonance

Therese Maria Goder, nutritional consultancy/bioresonance therapy, Wesel Medical director: Dr. med. Franz-Günther Goder, Wesel

Patient with Staphylococcus aureus MRSA1 following hip operation in 2002
I should like to present to you a 66 years old female patient who first came to my practice in May 2003 after serious and complicated hip surgery.
The patient history revealed that a total prosthetic replacement of the right hip joint was carried out in December 2002. During the subsequent recuperation period, a fist sized abscess developed at the site of the operation. This advanced so progressively that it was necessary to readmit the patient to the hospital where she had been operated on. An ultrasound examination carried out on re-admittance revealed a considerable accumulation of fluid in the right hip joint which extended to the joint.
A swab which was taken revealed group B+++ haemolytic Streptococci. As a result of this finding, the prosthetic replacement was removed ...

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BICOM Babies

Michaela Garbotz, Naturopath, Leipzig
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The company REGUMED often calls upon us to report on the most special part of our practice – our babies. As the final speaker I now have the pleasure of introducing four of these children to you. However, I don’t want to give a medical lecture on infertility and sterility. We live from our practice and the processes cannot be viewed statistically.

I always ask any parents planning to have a child to come in and see me. When do patients start thinking about having a child? What underlies the desire to have a child? The four cases presented highlight different reasons for wanting children.
First Case
“We would like to have a baby and have tried everything medically possible but nothing has helped. We even tried IVF treatment once.”
In terms of energy, the husband in question is very intense and the wife so unassuming that I had to move them apart because I found myself looking at him the whole time.
Case histo...

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Treatment of psoriasis with BICOM 2000 in the sanatorium

Dr. med. Alojzij Medved, Portoroñ, Slowenien

Psoriasis is one of the most widespread skin diseases, affecting one in ten people. The impact of this visible and consequently very stressful disease is felt most strongly on a psychological level. All sufferers have a feeling of uneasiness, have the feeling that they are repulsive to others. They feel cast off to the far reaches of the world
It was many years ago as a young specialist that I first attended a dermatologists conference in Zagreb organised by Prof. Kogoj and his colleagues. In addition to the Yugoslavian specialists, there were also a number of participants from abroad, at that time the cream of expert knowledge in Europe. The main theme of the conference was psoriasis.

The umpteen papers addressed its distribution, hereditary factors, clinical picture, laboratory diagnostics and naturally the chances of curing the disease. Prof. Kogoj summ...

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Treatment of pathologies including cerebral foci with the BICOM 2000, including demonstration

Dr. med. René Peña Marvez, Venezuela

The information which I bring to this congress is the result of research; the evidence and verification are provided by the biological laws of nature. Through this research I have succeeded in designing and developing a new revolutionary healing skill in the wonderful world of bioresonance and electromagnetic fields.


I used as my basis Dr. Hamer’s theories (he himself calls them biological laws) with which he stipulates that the psyche (non-material element), the brain (portrayed by computed axial tomography [CAT] and embryology) and the organ (the place at which the disease actually manifests itself) are closely linked to one another.
In other words, a psyche brain organ triangle (Fig. 1), which is the connecting point between mind and body. Every emotional or physical event in each of its sides influences the whole triangle. An emotional conflict or organic damage affects the whole person.
Dr. Hamer’s theories are...

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