Successful treatment with the BICOM 2000 supported with dark field images

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Cologne

Dear colleagues,
dear users of BICOM resonance therapy,
Many of you will already know me as I have been an enthusiastic user of bioresonance therapy for nearly 20 years through several generations of the device and have also presented papers at a number of colloquia.
I have been in practice in Cologne for 25 years specialising in allergy and pain therapy and it is very rare for my treatment not to include bioresonance therapy; in fact, this therapy has become the mainstay of our applications. I have also been working with the new BICOM 2000 for a year, in two separate consulting areas to avoid long delays.
Today I am going to report on my experience with this new device with 4 different patients. All 4 had previously been largely resistant to therapy and it is precisely this point that I should like to report on.

Case 1
Patient no. 1 was born in the Netherlands in 1974. Despite being 1.85 m tall and obe...

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BICOM therapy – keeping it simple and notes on macular degeneration

Bert T. Hanicke, D.C., D.I.B.A.K., St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Honoured friends and colleagues,
It is a distinct pleasure to appear before this distinguished group. I hope I can add a little information that will be of use to you in your practice and encourage you to test various ideas and to use the BICOM to its maximum with the least effort.
There are two subjects I wish to present to day. One I hope will make practice simpler and the other is a successful strategy for managing for a very serious condition.
I have been in practice as a Chiropractor for over 50 years. I am a Certified Teaching Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology. I have studied EAV since the mid 1970’s, having received my original training under Dr. Voll. I have been studying and using Bioresonance therapy since the early 1980’s and was honoured to study with Dr. Franz Morell and many other eminent energetic medicine innovators over the years. In chiropractic and in energetic medicine, I have studied man...

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Drug allergies and intolerance – neglected aspects

Dr. med. Rolf W. Sextro, Ober-Olm

Dear colleagues,
Each day we are confronted with assertions and claims of varying quality which we either accept or reject
a) based on our confidence in or mistrust of the person or media involved
b) based on our assessment of the accuracy, likelihood or feasibility of their content.
This and our own experience form the basis of our convictions, opinions and “doctrines”. I should like to encourage you to examine the way you accept these as a “matter of course”.
This paper aims to learn to consider and examine more critically assertions made by pharmaceutical manufacturers and testers, by those offering treatment and by diagnosticians as well as by patients. The same applies to our own past assertions. This will increase our chances of improving individual therapy and also reinforce our self-assurance as therapists or patients in the face of genuine or “supposed” “authorities”, for
“knowledge not only brings power but with it the ...

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The HCl (hydrochloric acid) point and its significance for metabolism and immunity

Ulrike Nigmann, Naturopath, Wetter

Dear colleagues,
For years we have listened to interesting papers on mycoses, parasitosis, viral infections, rheumatism even cancer, where chronic acidosis constituted the underlying condition. Additional symptoms may include: lack of concentration, chronic fatigue and even exhaustion, neuralgia, herpes of varying severity, chronic conjunctivitis, “allergies”, inflammatory mucosal changes, caries, brittle hair and nails, palpitations, heartburn, loss of appetite, indigestion, pain in the muscles and joints, arthrosis, osteoporosis, itching, abnormal blood pressure, menstrual or fertility disorders, cellulite, oedema, weight problems, weakened resistance, circulatory disturbance with risk of infarction, apoplexy or thrombosis (Dark field tests reveal erythrocytes clumped together in roll formation, loss of substance by erythrocytes, fibrin).
Children are increasingly presenting with the above symptoms. We must the...

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Diagnosis and BICOM therapy of rheumatic disorders – case histories, dealing with initial exacerbation

Dr. med. Christa Lund, Bad Schwartau

Diagnosing rheumatic disorders

1. Clinical: symptoms, location, time
2. Multi-factorial causes
3. Resonance diagnosis

Toxins: Aflatoxin, Bacterial fragment, Botulinum, Parasitic toxins (trichinosis nosodes!) Other fungal toxins

Bacteria: Clostridium, Staphylococci, Yersinia, Borrelia

fields: Dental - maxillomandibular area (also malocclusion), Tonsils (scar interference field), Intestine
Focal stress!
Acid-base balance!

Treating rheumatic disorders

A) Non-specific:
1. Nutrition
2. Balancing the energetic state (vegetative reactivity)
3. Detoxifying measures
4. Treating acidaemia
5. Enzyme therapy
6. Homeopathic treatment
7. Phytotherapy
8. Isopathy
9. Symbiosis control
10. Interference field and focal therapy
11. Orthomolecular
12. Autologous blood

B) Treatment in the light of regulation blocks:
1. Toxin elimination
2. Parasites
3. Interference fields
4. Nosodes (bacteria, chlamydia)

C) Follow-up treat...

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Useful empirical values for the treatment of asthma

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich

Therapists testing bioenergetically were largely responsible for discovering the cause of bronchial asthma. We can gain a valuable insight into the disease and its treatment by examining the history of its discovery. The first chapter in the history of bronchial asthma came about through a connection with allergies and food intolerance. Credit should mainly go to Dr Schumacher, a paediatrician in Innsbruck, who discovered, amongst other things, that allergy sufferers also display a hidden reaction to foodstuffs. He called this masked allergy.

This was a sensational discovery which brought extraordinary therapeutic success. Success rates of 80 to 90 % were obtained with allergy sufferers by treating these basic foodstuff allergens, namely cow’s milk, wheat and hen’s eggs, one after the other. All that was needed to complete the success was to treat one or two of the well-known inhalation...

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The new BICOM Multisoft program – practical trial

Dr. med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske, Kempten

I am sure you will agree with me that our work in medicine is centred on the need for holistic diagnosis and therapy. Not reparatory medicine at this or that point but healing the whole individual – as far as we are able to achieve this. Bioresonance therapy can play a central role here, both at a diagnostic and a therapeutic level. And here, in turn, the BICOM device is at the forefront. With its numerous different test options and huge number of pre-installed therapy programs it meets this need for a holistic approach. The range of diagnoses and therapies is suitable both for newcomers to the field of energetic medicine and “old hands”. Anyone can use it. Novices will find therapy programs and information on every indication in the manual, while experienced users are offered an immense range of individual settings and test options. This demonstrates that BICOM really is a sophisticated product. Of all the BRT devices I am famili...

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The new BICOM Multisoft program – Another milestone in BICOM bioresonance therapy

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing

I kept wondering whether it would be possible to add to the BICOM device by storing test substances electromagnetically. For a long time I was reluctant to look into this in more detail. The reason: I did not want to recommend anything which perhaps would not offer the same quality as the traditional method of testing using test ampoules. About two years ago, when it became possible to call up stored frequency patterns electronically without any loss of quality, I began looking into this more and more.
I know there are BICOM users who do not want to stop using test ampoules. The BICOM Multisoft program is not really aimed at them. Yet a great many therapists won over by the benefits of using computers asked me if it would be possible to call up a test substance by simply clicking with the mouse. It would be much quicker and would make operation far easier. In addition, there would certainly be other significant benefits as regards clarity and a clas...

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Biological effects of “light”

Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Neurohr, Spiesen-Elversberg

The tremendous advances in the (natural) sciences at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries, against which any reasonably serious or significant scientific discussion should be regarded, have profound consequences and the implications of such advances are not always given due consideration even by those involved in the life sciences. This situation, although unsatisfactory, is quite understandable: in this context, tremendous advances not only mean an ever deeper penetration of our knowledge into molecular and subatomic fields, i. e. into chemicophysical relationships and principles, but also an increasing spread in the range of “fringe areas” which are brought in as experimental aids in research and teaching or to clarify and interpret experimental results.
This situation has inevitably led to diversification and specialisation with the development of individual specialise...

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Study of the early diagnosis of relapsing breast carcinoma

Dr. med. Santos Martín, Granollers, Spain

It is becoming increasingly impossible to argue away the fact that there is a connection between electroacupuncture points and the existence of certain pathologies. Studies even exist which not only connect values at certain points with disease but also with life expectancy. The medical profession’s aphorism that “there are no diseases, only sick people” is well-known. Just as a disease can be defined by certain signs and symptoms, the same can be expected when measuring the electroacupuncture points of chronically ill patients, especially cancer patients.

The study I am going to present provides an answer, substantiated by statistical analysis, to a number of questions. It concerns a study of around 170 patients suffering from in various stages of breast carcinoma. The information it yields on acupuncture points cannot be applied to other tumours. However, it can be assumed that similar characteristics can be found a...

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