Building biology as a condition of successful bioresonance therapy?

Alfred Schwarze, Naturopath, Bad Segeberg

The last time I stood here was eight years ago in June 1993. Even then I knew that I would be taking a back seat for a while.
At that time, I asked myself the question: „ Why doesn't bioresonance therapy work on all patients with the same energetic diagnoses?"
Looking back I remember the date 7 January 1992. That was when my horse collapsed following treatment with the BICOm therapy device. On 5 January I had treated several nosodes, including „encephalitis", with therapy setting „Ai", „amplification 64 times", frequency sweep 3 seconds, „continuous mode", ,therapy time 15 min". There then began a tense time for me. I obtained unbelievable reactions and success with many patients in those days using test programs 191 to 194 (frequency sweep 3 seconds). My findings were the last and decisive step on the road to Martin Keymer's Cross-linked Test Technique.

I shall now report the individual stages of my progress:
1. In 1...

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A very successful treatment for chronic udder inflammation in cows

Mag. Anton Glantschnig, Obervellach, Austria

Acute inflammation:
Antibiotics high rate of success in healing
But: long waiting period!
Chronic inflammation:
According to antibiogram
Very little resistance
But: Practice shows otherwise!
— long waiting periods
— low rate of success in healing
— milk cannot be used because of high cell count

— Poor cowshed hygiene
— No, or poor, udder hygiene programme
— Wrong milking technique
— Milking machines set up incorrectly
— Teat injuries
— Metabolic problems
Amount of milk
— Cell count 71
— Financial problems
Acute and chronic inflammations can be treated successfully!
Large flexible applicators
Magnetic belt
1 Plate applicator
Input cup
Output cup
2 red cables, 2 black cables (5 m long)
5 element test set, „Veterinary II" test set
Long rubber bands

Therapy using endogenous oscillations

Testing: Cross...

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Which previously unheeded factor plays an outstanding part in cow’s milk allergy?

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
It is a great pleasure for me to be able to give this lecture. It is not every day that a new discovery in therapy represents not an isolated finding but
1. makes connections even easier to understand,
2. resolves contradictions and
3. makes therapy easier as well.
This is one of those great moments given to us as therapists using bioenergetic testing. We all experience these now and then in our work and are reminded that we have made the right choice about the therapy to use.
The knowledge that ascarides and/or ascarid larvae are involved in cow's milk intolerance (as described in my book „Parasiten — die verborgene Ursache vieler Erkrankungen" [Parasites — the hidden cause of many diseases]) has now been accepted and is being applied successfully in a large number of practices, as numerous colleagues continuously tell me.
However, as I have already mentioned in previous lectures, some questions remained unanswered...

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Previously overlooked components of bioresonance therapy in physical and rehabilitative medicine

Dr. med. Matthias Kaul, Usingen
Dear Mr. Briigemann,
Dear colleagues,
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
What has bioresonance therapy got to do with physical and rehabilitative medicine?
Since 1996, I have been a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, at that time the first and only one in Hessen, in my own practice. Previously I was in general practice and used bioresonance therapy, by means of BICOM®, mainly for allergy treatment.
Since becoming a specialist, however, I have used bioresonance therapy for my patients who are waiting for rehabilitation and who also receive other types of therapy included under physical therapy.
I imagine that at the moment not too many doctors in my field regularly make use of bioresonance therapy. I would like to report here on my observations.
First, however, I must say something about the expression „physical and rehabilitative medicine".

Physical medicine is the doctrine of and research in...

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Childhood allergies and nutrition

Dr. med. Elisabeth Scherwitz Josenhans, Traunstein

It is no longer possible to diagnose food allergies or food intolerances, particularly in children, simply with traditional allergy tests. More and more masked allergic disorders involving a variety of symptoms are occurring. This is particularly true of food allergies. Today food allergy is a disease with many clinical pictures. It includes a wide range of different types of complaints which affect the whole body from head to toe (see diagram 1 by Prof Wiithrich, Zurich).
Food intolerance is usually seen on the skin, in the form of a rash or local swelling, mostly however as neurodermatitis or else simply as general itching.
Obviously, as you might expect, food intolerance can also manifest itself through disorders of the digestive organs. This can range from a simple aversion to a particular food to chronic diarrhoea. Abdominal cramps, vomiting, flatulence and proctitis are also possible.
If a patient presented with a...

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Regressive vicariation thanks to Bicom 2000 — documented with reference to darkfield images

Dr. med. Eti Dachs, Vienna, Austria
Dear colleagues,
We all recognise the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy from our own experiences. For some time now, I have wondered how the effects of this therapy, and in particular of BICOM® 2000, can be proved repeatedly and objectively.
Since I have long worked with a darkfield microscope, it seemed obvious to use this diagnostic method. In order to make this clearer, however, I decided to invoke a second naturopathic method and to combine the two.
Naturally, I know that many of you already work with the darkfield method and that for many Reckeweg's homotoxin doctrine is a well known concept. However, many of you will also be completely unfamiliar with these concepts. Thus, for better understanding, I will introduce a few basic principles of these two methods before I proceed to describe my own trials.

D R . H . H . R E C K E W E G ' S HOMOTOXIN DOCTRINE (1905-1985)
According to Reckeweg, diseases are biologically rational processes in whic...

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Evidence of the effectiveness of BRT by means of decoder dermography

Ingo E. Bauer, Naturopath, Speyer

Dear Colleagues
I am delighted to be given this opportunity again to stand here and talk about the progress of our work in my Centre for Diagnosis and Therapy in Speyer am Rhein.
What causes a therapist to change a normal practice, primarily geared towards therapy, into a centre for diagnosis and therapy and at considerable financial expense?

Problem Patients and Patients' Problems
In my opinion, there is nothing worse for a therapist than finding that a proven therapy is not working for a particular patient. Tests and checks are carried out but nothing seems to work. This leads to questions such as „Is it actually possible to test on this patient?", „Do my BICOM® devices work?", „Am I the right therapist for this patient?"
Patients' problems are just as bad, for example when they come to our practice with the following comments: „All the examinations my doctor has carried out have been inconclusive, but I don't feel well at all", „My do...

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Biophysical basis for separating physiological and pathological frequency patterns

Ludger Mersmann, Wassenach
New observations about the filter system used in bioresonance therapy are presented from the point of view of modern biophysics. On the basis of this aspect, a new understanding of the active interconnections emerges. A new term for naming the filter system arises from current results.
The active interconnections between the therapeutic filter system and the patient as a biological system are summarised under the following bullet points.

No comparison between the therapeutic filter system and the concept of a conventional technical filter (tea strainer, the unwanted tea leaves are filtered out, the liquid tea passes through the filter).
A therapeutically active unit is produced by the therapeutic filter system and the patient due to direct coupling.

The filter effect is not produced by the technical structure of the filter system, rather the filter function is produced only by the coupling of patient and filter system.
The active sequence of this co...

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Latest findings on the causes of hyperkinetic syndrome (ADHD) and the importance of a holistic naturopathic approach to treatment

Roland Schroeder, Naturopath, Schleswig
Increasingly often mothers (particularly of sons) are coming to our practice bemoaning their children's uncontrollable behaviour and poor performance at school which often prevents them attending secondary school. After observing the child briefly and analysing the Conners questionnaire completed by the mother, the therapist can already make a tentative diagnosis of ADHD.
There are various names for this disorder:

Minimal brain dysfunction (MDB) used to be the most common name.
The term „hyperkinetic syndrome" has now become accepted in Germany.
In Switzerland they speak of infantile psychoorganic syndrome (POS).
Other terms which only cover certain aspects of the disorder are partial disturbed maturation of the brain, infantile brain damage or mild brain dysfunction.

Now the correct terms, which are also in common usage in the USA and by the World Health Organisation (WHO), are:

attention deficit syndrome (ADS),
attention deficit/hype...

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Employing orthomolecular substances I successfully in the fight against infectious diseases, chronic inflammation, allergic disorders, arteriosclerosis and cancer

Dr. med. Gottfried Lange, Elmshom
Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
The REASON I am giving this lecture is the following:
VITAL scientific information is available which has been largely withheld from us in the past — simply because its dissemination is not driven by commercial interests.
What is this vital information? How can it help us in our day to day work? What are the concrete benefits for our patients?
I'll give a brief summary: You can effectively curb or stop the spread of the following diseases in the body right away:

infectious diseases, e. g. flu, herpes simplex, pneumonia, cystitis
chronic inflammations, e. g. ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcers, polyarthritis
allergic disorders, e. g. hay fever, neurodermatitis, urticaria

Two examples of the results of treating cancer:
A Swedish research team led by Dr. Astedt, of Lund University reported on the treatment of breast cancer: »Metastases had already formed in the patient's brain as a result of...

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