Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage

Auto-immune diseases as a result of increasing immune damage — status identification background burdens and a concept for a practically proven diagnosis and therapy system

Dear colleagues and friends of BICOM® bioresonance therapy,

My subject today is one of the most serious clinical pictures with which we are confronted in our holistically orientated practices.

If I may refer to my experience of 15 years, one thing is very obvious: Fifteen years ago a patient usually consulted a holistic practitioner with one concrete clinical picture. When a patient sees me today, he comes with a marked multiple clinical picture. It is noticeable that individual clinical pictures become increasingly chronic and manifest because of a sub-summation of multifactorial burdens. The patient of today is not like one of 15 years ago!

This shows the demand and the need for a truly consistent holistic diagnostic and therapeutic system.


For naturopathic therapists all...

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Old/new practical experiences. New programmes from Mrs Karz (Crete)

Karin Heine, non-medical practitioner, Munich

Nothing is as constant as change! This is also true of old BICOM® therapists like me.
I am thankful and glad to have the opportunity of using „our therapy system". (I started using it 15 years ago.) I regard it as a privilege for us to be leaders in a relatively new therapy, because the future belongs to information therapy, resonance therapy. Frequencies are everywhere, also in a negative sense: consider for instance the electrosmog caused by cell phones. This is something which we should never neglect during testing.
After many years in practice with many advanced training courses and some innovations, a certain routine becomes established in any practice, a routine necessary for survival. Sometimes a certain therapy fatigue creeps in, and perhaps we even feel overworked and worn out. All of us in the health services do occasionally suffer from helper syndrome with symptoms of exhaustion. At first there are small signs,...

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Presently discussed hypotheses on the nature of bioenergetic information

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Kreisl, Erding

In general the quality of any scientific discussion depends on the quality of the definition of the terms (termini) used to describe the facts under discussion.
A description of different scientific hypotheses on the phenomenon of bioenergetic information systems therefore demands an unambiguous clarification of the terms „biological energy" or „biological information".
According to the laws of thermodynamics (originally developed to provide the physical basis on which steam engines work), living organisms are open systems. In this connection „open" means that energy as well as substances is exchanged with the environment.
The fundamental laws of thermodynamics are summarised in the so called basic principles of thermodynamics. The first of these concerns the amount of energy in our universe. It states that the amount of energy is constant. Energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. This means ...

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Integrating Bicom therapy into a dental practice

Dr Vera Maubach-Chandra, dentist, Monchengladbach

During the past decade I have consistently been applying BRT. My main test method is EAV, but in certain cases I use a biotensor. I will discuss this later. I look for scar interference fields kinesiologically, but I test whether I should search for them beforehand via EAV at the skin test point. When I see a drop of the indicator to the right or the left I investigate kinesiologically.
Most patients who receive BRT today are medical aid patients who must pay for this service privately. In appendix 2 you will find the standard forms which I ask every patient to sign, whether he is a medical aid patient or a private one.

How do BRT patients come to my practice?
Of course, after ten years they often come because of a recommendation! Our registration form contains a question about this, and we always thank the person with a small gift when we are recommended. And of course I advertise for BRT...

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Your back, your fate?

Werner M. Wehnemann, non-medical practitioner, Bremen

During the past years several papers were delivered on the subject of the spinal column.
Today I speak to you as a chiropractor with 15 years of experience (as well as a BRT therapist), because it is important to me to tell you that skeletal shifts cause blockages with a static as well as a reflexive component. The therapist should not only rely on his chiropractic ability, but do each individual case justice.
This means that he should also apply other, additive treatment methods in combination with chiropractic. I speak of the possibilities of acupuncture and bioresonance therapy, two methods which proved very effective and complementary to chiropractic in my practice.

Your back, your fate? — This sounds threatening, but is not, since the question mark at the end of the statement points to the possibility of successful therapy.
Our bone structure used to be equipped for a life span of about 45 year...

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The status of BRT in holistic medicine

Erika Hey, non-medical practitioner, Schneverdingen
Task: Connect the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pen.

Many years of BIcom therapy in my non-medical (naturopathic) practice and in my husband's dental practice have shown us that the numerous methods resulting from holistic diagnosis and treatment can no longer be ignored.
Bioresonance oscillates the organism into regulatory balance with the correct information. It builds a bridge between the different levels on which illnesses are possible and therefore connects the body energy mental levels.
Many doctors look for solutions under pressure from the recent health reforms. Unfortunately „solution" sometimes means „trick". This means that the same knowledge and thinking is used in conjunction with a new instrument. How can we expect different results when we do not change our thinking?
The status of BicOm therapy does not only result from sensational ...

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Vaccination burdens in veterinary medicine, effects and therapy possibilities of BRT

Thomas Ganswindt, veterinarian and non-medical practitioner, Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These remarks follow my last paper which my highly esteemed colleague Martin Keymer delivered in my place at the 1999 colloquium.

Apart from the subject of vaccinations I also wish to report new findings on borreliosis and CEE, both of which are diseases transferred by ticks. These diseases are not only interesting to veterinarians, but also play a central role in human medicine.

The subject of vaccinations is a sensitive issue. The rabies vaccination but also others are for example prerequisites for entry into other countries or necessary for taking part in certain events (breeding exhibitions, sporting events). For entry into Sweden and Norway, and nowadays also into Great Britain, a sufficient rabies antibody (Ab) titre must be proven.

This means that even if there is no danger of infection (e. g. in the case of a house cat who istaken to a holiday home in Norway), vaccination ...

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Neurological illnesses, causes and treatment methods using bioresonance therapy

Dr Christa Lund, medical practitioner, Bad Schwartau

Disturbances of the peripheral nervous system are reported on, e. g. neuralgia, impaired sensation, paralysis, „multiple sclerosis", and illnesses of the central nervous system — of the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and the cerebral nerves.

Case studies of patients suffering from the following illnesses are discussed in detail:

muscle fibrillation
restless legs
multiple sclerosis
trigeminus neuralgia
cerebro organic seizures
sight impairment up to blindness
bulbar paralysis
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
syndromes of the cerebellum
retro orbital pain

impaired motor coordination ON THE CAUSES OF THE ILLNESSES
In principle, viral and toxic contaminations, including metabolic and break down products of micro organisms (bacteria), should be searched for.
Neurotoxic effects also appear...

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Effective cleansing via the lymphatic system

Marina Hahlweg, non-medical practitioner, Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen,
When I started to work with BIcom therapy I read the RTI volumes of the colloquia with interest. I tried many things, copied them, and finally found my own successful method. And this I can tell any beginner: It works for the good of your patients!
But the following thoughts always disturbed me:

I do not like taking medicines. And many other people also do not like taking them.
After at most three days I forget to take medication. And even more so if I was supposed to take it three times daily.
Whoever works full time will also be in this position. (Is medication for removing poisons taken to the office?)
I do not like alcoholic medication. What happens to dried out alcoholics, who do not tell me that they have a problem? And what happens to children?

How can we detoxify patients in spite of this?

On my long quest I found something that works fast for me ...

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Bioresonance therapy as an invaluable tool in a successful practice

Dr med Gisela von Braunschweig, medical practitioner, Gelnhausen/Haitz

Whatever kind of practice one has, it remains a problem that all medication which was used with success in the past suddenly no longer works. The mesenchyme of patients is increasingly blocked. In the past ten years, the frequency and intensity of blockages has increased greatly. During the first twenty years of my practice I saw about 6 patients in total whose regulatory systems were all totally blocked. Today this happens to almost every patient. The brain seems to be the most protected organ, and the brain barrier seems to be able to hold off environmental toxins for a long time. One the other hand I have seen children who seem to be born with mercury poisoning. In these children amalgam could be measured even in early childhood in the central nervous system vessel. A homeopathic remedy, and I believe even traditional medicine, can have no eff...

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