Case studies for use in practice

Angelika Prigge-Jugsch, Naturopath

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,

My topic for today is new insights and success stories using the BBC (BICOM Body Check).

I am delighted to talk to you here in Fulda again today.

I would like to relate to you how I have been able to achieve even greater success by deploying the BBC device in my practice.

Thanks to my bioresonance devices, which I secretly refer to as my babies, I have been able to successfully treat a large number of patients. Every day presents a new chalĀ­lenge because every patient and every disorder is different.

The best reward is seeing the smile on a patient's face when they leave the practice healthy.

I always thought that I could achieve a great deal through my treatments, but when I first learned how to use the BBC device back in the summer of 2016 it truly inspired and intrigued me, because here we had a device that could provide us with diagnostics that were even more targeted. After all, makin...

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