Cancer — a successful alternative therapy approach

Dr. med. Uta Schmieden-Lindner
I have been working with my practice team for 16 years offering a combination of mainstream medicine and naturopathic treatments, including for the last 15 years bioresonance therapy. When carrying out diagnosis and particularly when evaluating the success of treatment, I draw on the full range of classical medicine tools including laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT or MRT, endoscopy plus other procedures as required. In addition, I test using the tensor. In my practice therapy is primarily administered using naturopathic methods based on the following maxim: "As much classical medicine as necessary, as much naturopathy as possible."
Cancer therapy in particular offers opportunities in naturopathy for a truly holistic approach to treatment, and the bioresonance method, with its very specific therapy options, can play a very valuable role in this area.

The causes of cancer

1.1 Conventional medicine

Environmental toxins: incl. asbestos: ...

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