Building biology as a condition of successful bioresonance therapy?

Alfred Schwarze, Naturopath, Bad Segeberg

The last time I stood here was eight years ago in June 1993. Even then I knew that I would be taking a back seat for a while.
At that time, I asked myself the question: „ Why doesn't bioresonance therapy work on all patients with the same energetic diagnoses?"
Looking back I remember the date 7 January 1992. That was when my horse collapsed following treatment with the BICOm therapy device. On 5 January I had treated several nosodes, including „encephalitis", with therapy setting „Ai", „amplification 64 times", frequency sweep 3 seconds, „continuous mode", ,therapy time 15 min". There then began a tense time for me. I obtained unbelievable reactions and success with many patients in those days using test programs 191 to 194 (frequency sweep 3 seconds). My findings were the last and decisive step on the road to Martin Keymer's Cross-linked Test Technique.

I shall now report the individual stages of my progress:...

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