Bioresonance in implantology

Dr. Matthias Arnold, Dentist, Prien, Germany
BICOM® — Framework treatment for implants in the field of dentistry or Where can I apply the bioresonance method when carrying out implant procedures?
Bioresonance is the resonating together of two material or non-material oscillating circuits.
By using the BICOM® device I can therefore bring two distinct material connections together into one.
An implant consists of metal or ceramic non-living matter, whereas bone is made from bone cells etc. and is therefore living matter. So how can I bring non-living matter into harmony with living matter?
The solution is to oscillate the metal or ceramic implant with the body's specific frequency and to harmonise it with the living matter, which has its own genetically pre-programmed oscillation. Will that work in practice? With the BICOM® this is possible. I place a drop of blood on a slide into the input cup and oscillate this onto the material in the output cup. This means that I have transfer...

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