BICOM – the efficient addition to dental practice

Dr. med. dent. Ernst Beereuther, dentist, Zurich, Switzerland
Ladies and gentlemen,
I should like to welcome you to this lecture and thank the Regumed Institute for inviting me.
Over the next half hour I will give you an insight into how I integrate BRT into my work as a dentist practising conventional medical methods and how a dentist and a bioresonance therapist can work together.
First, however, I should like briefly to introduce myself. I have been practising dentistry in Zurich, in Switzerland for 20 years. For 10 years my wife has been working as a bioresonance therapist in the rooms adjoining my practice.
We have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership bringing together our work in dentistry and BRT.
We each have our own premises and yet we work together.
I should like to give you an overview of the areas where I find BRT and the BICOM device particularly helpful:
• material testing
• amalgam cleanup
• periodontal treatment
• treatment of the temporomandibular ...

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