BICOM BodyCheck and bioresonance: An approach to treating multimorbid patients

Cordja Bothe, Alternative Practitioner
The symptoms of a multimorbid patient
The medical history of a multimorbid patient (suffering from multiple conditions simul¬taneously) tends to include diseases of the cardiovascular system such as hypertonia, heart failures, heart attacks and bypass surgeries at the top of the list. Associated met¬abolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or gout are not uncommon with these pa¬tients. Often, these patients also have issues with the kidney, liver and the circulation of the lymphatic system, resulting in edemas forming on various parts of the body. In most cases, the immune system is also compromised by allergies, intolerances or even cancer.
The features of diagnosis with the BICOM BodyCheck
Diagnosing these patients requires a special amount of care. If the medical history reveals many conditions are already active at the same time, I check the energy state with the bioresonance device.
If the patient has already complained of an extreme la...

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