BICOM Babies

Michaela Garbotz, Naturopath, Leipzig
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The company REGUMED often calls upon us to report on the most special part of our practice – our babies. As the final speaker I now have the pleasure of introducing four of these children to you. However, I don’t want to give a medical lecture on infertility and sterility. We live from our practice and the processes cannot be viewed statistically.

I always ask any parents planning to have a child to come in and see me. When do patients start thinking about having a child? What underlies the desire to have a child? The four cases presented highlight different reasons for wanting children.
First Case
“We would like to have a baby and have tried everything medically possible but nothing has helped. We even tried IVF treatment once.”
In terms of energy, the husband in question is very intense and the wife so unassuming that I had to move them apart because I found myself looking at him the whole time.

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