Autism Spectrum Disorder

He Lin, naturopathy and TCM therapist

Autism spectrum disorder (ASO) is a complex, pervasive development disorder that af­fects several neurological functions. It is characterised by a lack of spoken communica­tion and a reduced interest in social contact and hobbies, as well as by repetitive ac­tions, amongst other things. In the USA, the disease incidence rate for autism spec­trum disorder is 68 : 1, and the rate of it developing in males is relatively high. It is highly hereditary - between approximately 70 % and 90 %. According to reliable data, siblings also have a high probability of developing autism; approx. 10 %-20 %. How­ever, research to identify the physiological and aetiological mechanisms and causes of autism is not moving forward at a very fast pace. Autism involves atypical cognitive characteristics such as impaired social awareness and perception, disrupted move­ments and atypical information processing. Heredity and environmental influences play an important role i...

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