Usefulness of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test in BICOM Resonance Therapy

Yoshiro Fujii D.D.S., Ph.D., Shin-Kobe Dental Clinic, JAPAN International College of Acupuncture and Electrotherapeutics, NY, USA


While modern western medicine has developed, many kinds of allergies, chronic sicknesses etc. are difficult to be cured by it. To treat these sicknesses, integrative medicine considering the whole-body conditions may be necessary. Oriental medicine is similar to this idea. One of the reasons that Western medicine cannot treat such sicknesses is that modern Western medicine ignores the specific waves of a substance and treats only abnormalities due to Western medical examination.

The presenter has attempted to use the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test to capture abnormal electromagnetic waves emitted from organs throughout the body and to find a treatment that can eliminate the abnormal response. I am currently using BICOM® bioresonance for treatment. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test can identify abnormal organs in advance, so that treatment can be performed...

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The world of micronutrients

Dr. Jörg Schweikart, Founder & CEO Sunday Naturals Products GmbH, Berlin, Germany

About the importance of an optimal nutrient supply for health, the potential of micronutrients in prevention and therapy, and the most important quality characteris­tics of high-quality dietary supplements.

What is an optimal supply of nutrients?

Our body is a finely balanced and extremely complex system of countless biochemical and bioenergetic reactions. Under ideal conditions, all these reactions interact per­fectly to produce maximum vitality and health. The often expressed naturopathic view that the body is a self-healing system is basically correct, but it needs external support in many stressful situations.

Above all, the body needs a whole range of important ingredients to perform its daily miracle: these include fresh air, sleep, exercise, but especially so-called essential nutrients. Only an optimal supply of all essential nutrients enables all processes in our body to run as int...

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Burnout – not just a problem for our patients

Norbert Lindner Naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to present to you today a topic that has now become the subject of much discussion.


Why is burnout such an important topic? Let's take a closer look at a couple of facts.

A survey conducted by Pronova BKK in 2018 revealed the following picture: one in two Germans feel threatened by burnout. 90 % of Germans feel stressed by their work.

61 % of people in Germany complain of typical burnout symptoms such as:

Chronic exhaustion
Back pain
23 percent of them even frequently

59 % sometimes feel an inner tension.

54 % of respondents worry about their work.

53 % report sleeping poorly.

More than 50 % of working people suffer at least occasionally from:

Back pain
Chronic fatigue
Inner tension

Health insurer AOK reported per 1,000 members 13.9 sick days in 2005

120.5 sick days in 2018 due to burnout syndrome.

If this figure is extra...

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Autoimmune diseases – is healing possible? Laboratory-based medical evidence from practice

Dr. Jila Maki, MD, Specialist in General Medicine, Datteln, Germany


“Autoimmune diseases and autoimmune disorders are umbrella terms in medicine for diseases with reactions of the body that are based on a disturbed tolerance of the im­mune system to the body's own substances and which lead to the formation of antibo­dies. In the broadest sense, immune reactions against the microbiome, i.e. attacks on the microorganisms belonging to the body, are also classified as autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune reactions are often similar to immune reactions against pathogens.

Furthermore, immune complexes or receptor activating or blocking antibodies can lead to symptomatic disease. In western countries about five percent of the population is af­fected by an autoimmune disease. Many autoimmune diseases are poorly understood and cannot be treated causally; they often persist for life and can be treated with anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive drugs~” (Wikipedia 2019)


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When the black clouds come – help with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Torsten Hartmeier, Naturopath, Lübbecke, Germany


We all know someone who has defeated cancer.
But no one knows anyone who has defeated Alzheimer’s.


Would you like to be in great health when you are over 80?

I’m sure we all want to reach a ripe old age. Look into the future and envision yourself at 85.

Take a look around the room and look at two people. One of them will most likely suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Right now you probably think that won’t be you. That could be the case. But then you’ll be the carer for the Alzheimer’s sufferer. In one form or another, Alzheimer’s will affect us all eventually.

One of the key fears surrounding Alzheimer’s is our inability to prevent it. An effective cure and treatment still hasn’t been found despite years of intensive and highly scienti­fic research. As soon as we reach a certain age, it seems to be fate that our brains give way to Alzheimer’s.

Is dementia really something we just h...

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Leaky gut syndrome – The leaky gut: myth or reality?

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, MD, Izmir, Turkey


Yusuf P., 47-year-old male software engineer

Complaint: painful joints, rash in the joints

Story: 15 years of experiencing these troubles. Came to improve the quality of life and comfort.

Measles, mumps and chickenpox Vaccines in full

Allergies: pollen, environmental dust

No Smoking, no alcohol

Drugs used: methotrexate, NSAID

In the family: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension

Systemic symptoms: Redness, rash, itching, joint problems


Drinking + 2 liters of water

Sleeping: poor

Mobile phone: 1/2 hour/day

Nutrition: protein-rich



Case 2

Mehmet A., 59-years-old male retired operator

Complaint: redness, itching

Story: He has complaints for 3 years, he noticed that his complaints increased after some food

Drugs used: antihistaminic, cortisone

Foods allergens: tomatoes, spices, zucchini, ...

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Interfering fields in the sleeping space: Investigation and solutions

Dr. Hans Schwarz, MD, FMH for General Medicine, Luzern, Switzerland


     1.1.    The significance of interference fields for chronically ill patients

In our patient population, 56 % of the chronically ill patients have a geopathic and/or e-smog exposure at their place of sleep.

If we take into account that we are in repair mode at night and the communication between our body cells is 1018 times weaker than during daylight according to Prof. Popp, it is easy to understand how geopathic and electromagnetic interference radia­tion can complicate our night-time regeneration in the long run. This consequently promotes the development of chronic diseases. Compared to most of the other stres­ses known to us from the “barrel model”, finding and remediating these interference fields is usually not very complex.

This should encourage us to look into this issue. Whether we delegate the solution or take it into our own hands is of less importance.

     1.2.   Baron v...

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Chronic renal insufficiency in animals and humans

Alain Christen, Veterinarian, Brügg, Switzerland

In this presentation, I would like to highlight a very important aspect of veterinary medicine.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) currently affects a third of cats over 9 years old! Therefore, it is very common and considered the most common cause of cat mortality. In 2014, the number of cats affected in Germany was estimated at 11.5 million. So, you can see why this is such an important topic.

I graduated from veterinary school in 1985. The emergence of more and more chronic diseases, my own perfectionism and frustration at being unable to help these patients with conventional medicine lead me to search for alternative solutions.

For 13 years, I have been the lucky owner of a BICOM machine. Shortly after I finished my studies, when I was an assistant in the 90s in Geneva, I did come across some CKD cats, but they were rare and often older patients. Interestingly, they were treated with phytotherapy and immunotherapy at the time, ...

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From the practice for the practice

Esther Röder, Naturopath, Hofbieber/Schwarzbach, Germany


Today I will present four different cases from my practice whereby patients were able to experience noticeable improvements after treatment(s) with the BICOM optima after a short amount of time.

Testing/treatment procedure

Determination of the energetic status, tensor test (printout in the RTI booklet)
...where is the limit of the person's body reached, where is the “congestion” most noticeable (specific questions for the best possible body therapy)
... what does my counterpart need here and now (intuition, gut feeling)
... find out the exact time for the body (tensor), when accompanying therapy can be used with various substances (e.g. Sanum-Kehlbeck, Kattwiga, Laves, Dr. Clark, Orthomol, Wala, Bach flowers ...)?
To what extent could BBC help?

1. Case study

Marie: 1 year old, neurodermatitis combined with extreme itching all over the body and pustular formation, sleepless nights with ...

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