Application of meridian therapy in practice

Jana Maškova (Ing. Bc.), BICOM Therapist, Czech Republic
Acupuncture pathways, or meridians, are the connections of acupuncture points in the body. They originate in Chinese medicine. Despite their existence, they have not been recognised by conventional medicine. Although it is evident that these energy pathways work, science has not gone so far as to prove it.
These biologically active points exhibit different properties than the rest of the surface of the skin, which is why they can be proven by electro‐detection devices as well as through thermovision (see figure).

Figure 1
The basis of Chinese medicine is called the pentagram. You can read a lot in it (see figure 2).

Mother/son rule
The son is the element that follows clockwise after his mother. The mother always supports her son (tonifying). This means if any element shows imbalance, you also have to look at the mother to check if she is all right. If not, then the mother also needs to be treated. The reverse directio...

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