Allergy patients who appear to be resistant to therapy 

Dr. med. univ. Dietmar Stanchina, Eppan, Italy 
As a doctor of acupuncture, I have also worked with the bioresonance method for several years now. The combination of the two methods is excellent, and I’ve even taken to blending bioresonance and acupuncture, and preferring bioresonance to laser acupuncture.
Acute and central allergies, regardless of the body compartments in which they occur, mostly respond very well to the usual bioresonance programs. The prerequisites are open organs of elimination, elimination of scar interference fields or geopathic stress, and the removal of any other therapy blocks (enteromycosis, gut dysbiosis, heavymetal stress, etc.). Sometimes, however, we bioresonance therapists seem to be completely stumped. What we are often dealing with here are energy/meridian disorders, and it makes good sense to apply the allergy programs directly to the appropriate acupuncture points or energy axes. What it boils down to is a somewhat differentiated application of con...

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