Adrenal fatigue — the stress syndrome of the 21st century

Sibylle Arnold-Wissert, alternative practitioner

The term "stress" can be derived from physics, where it is used in connection with the compressibility of materials.
The term was first used in a medical context by Dr. Hanns Seyle in a study on the reac¬tion of the adrenal glands in humans and animals to unusual or heavy strains.
According to Seyle a stress response occurs in the form of a sine curve, where initially a "wave peak" and then a "wave trough" arises. In healthy individuals, this curve is very balanced.
Cortisol, adrenaline and glucose are released as an immediate stress response putting the affected person in a situation of stress management (fight or flight).
After this initial phase of the reaction, a rest period follows, in which the released hor¬mones are broken down, the adrenal gland returns anew to the production of hor¬mones, and the necessary energy sources can be restored.
However, if stress persists or the body repeatedly enters into this recovery phase o...

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