Acne – a problem not confined to puberty

Norbert Lindner, naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany
Ladies and gentlemen and esteemed colleagues,
I am pleased to have this opportunity today to give you a presentation on the treatment of acne using bioresonance therapy.
Firstly I would like to introduce one of my patients to you. He came to my practice with the following skin condition. This was
a very severe form of acne papulopustulosa, a form of acne vulgaris.
What I would like to show you today in my presentation is how you can change this condition (Figure 1) into that one (Figure 2).

What is acne?
Psychyrembel defines it as: The word is derived from the Greek and means peak or bloom. It is the name for different diseases of the sebaceous gland follicles characterised by secretory and cornification disorders, subsequent inflammation and even scarring.
The most common forms of acne
Acne vulgaris. Normal acne which starts in puberty and early adulthood disappears of its own accord. It is classified into different types:
• Ac...

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