A new concept: prevention using BICOM-Therapy® and lifestyle changes

Dr. med. Sabine Rauch, Specialist in General Medicine, 011e Svensson, Therapist, Simlangsdalen, Sweden

Nowadays the focus in both mainstream medicine and naturopathy is very much on treating disease. Health education and preventive healthcare tend to play a secondary role. People who come to our practices are usually ill and need help in finding a way of overcoming their illnesses. This means that both we and our patients tend to con­centrate on the illness and how together we can help the patient regain health.

Last year we gave a paper on just how important the direction of our focus is. To help with this we used explanations taken from quantum physics and presented to you a concept that we adopt when working with our "ill" patients.

Last year we took the decision that the two of us would like to invest our experience, energy and time in preventing illness and helping people stay healthy. Of course we want to carry on restoring our "ill" patients back to health, but it is pr...

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