A new approach to ADHD therapy

Brigitte Wiesendanger, BICOM therapist

Imagine that you have reached the limits of your work. It happens to me from time to time.

We, as therapists, are pushed to our limits with ADHD clients. For such clients, I need to be creative to find new solutions.

Often, simply observing nature can reveal the simplest of solutions.

My therapy approaches can easily be integrated into your work, thanks to their sim­plicity and efficiency. Furthermore, I will show you a basic framework that you can in­dividually incorporate into your own programme or use to expand it.
1. What is ADHD?
Professor Gerald Hiither, who works intensively with the topic of ADHD, claims: "ADHD is not an illness."

What is it then?

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder belongs to a group of behavioural and emo­tional disorders which first appear in childhood. The key problems linked to ADHD con­cern attentiveness, impulsiveness and self-regulation, which is sometimes accompa­nied by restlessness.


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