A bridge between quantum physics and bioresonance

Hans Brogemann
Dear Congress participants,
Most of you will know me. For those of you new to bioresonance, I should like briefly to introduce myself. About 40 years ago I undertook, through my firm, to make people aware of how the body's natural oscillations can be used for therapeutic purposes. I ran introductory seminars for many years which brought bioresonance to the attention of thousands of therapists. In 2015, at the age of 90, I stepped back from senior management and took retirement.
Back in the early days I naturally encountered a lot of scepticism. Who had heard of the body's natural oscillations then?
There are three types of sceptic. The first kind are therapists with sound judgement who wish to know the full details and may be won over by plausible arguments or demonstrations. The second group demands current randomised double-blind trials and the third group is characterised by arrogance and ignorance. The last straw is the written claim made in a court case that nat...

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